How To Buy A Second Hand Bike In Bangalore: Buyer’s Guide 


As per the statistics, about more than half of the population prefers two-wheelers over the four-wheelers and thereby the demand for bikes is usually high in the Indian market. As and when a new bike model arrives, it often becomes difficult for the consumer to buy the latest design due to its rising price ranges. Therefore, it is recommended to choose second hand bikes because:

  • It is cost effective. 
  • It satisfies your love for bikes for a temporary period. 
  • It has comparatively better flow and resistance than a new bike. 
  • Pre-owned bikes can be returned at a good resale value. 
  • The vehicle will offer equally good mileage and coverage on smooth, rough and rocky terrains. 

If you are looking forward to buying second hand bikes in Bangalore, then presented below is a buyer’s guide that will help you snatch the best offers on two-wheelers at half the rate. 

Second hand bikes in Bangalore, price, range and much more

In case you are completely devoid of the process of buying second hand bikes in Bangalore, then follow the below mentioned steps to catch on with the finest deals under affordable rates. Ensure to not skip any step for easier accessibility and analysis. 

Step 1: Contact a reliable buyer

While purchasing a product, always ensure to have terms with trusted associations to incur maximum benefits in future as well. If your automobile dealer has a proper license and possesses a reputed stance in the market, then you have certainly reached the right spot. 

Step 2: Ensure the record history of the asset, should definitely not be a stolen bike

The next most crucial step is to decode the background records of the specific asset. To put it in simple words, if you choose a second hand bike model, always ask the dealers to show the records with no manipulation. This will ensure a smooth and secure deal of second hand bikes in Bangalore. 

Step 3: Check its suspension rate 

As per your priority, look for models with improved suspension rates within your set budget. A flexible spring will decide your travel experience, so choose your second hand bikes in Bangalore carefully.  

Step 4: Choose a brand that can be relied upon 

From the huge collection of brands available in the market, you need to be careful about your choice! Even if you have a tight budget, always prefer a brand that can be relied on without any hint of suspicion.  

Step 5: Get the model specifications clear 

After doing your research, based on your preferences, choose the design specifications of the second hand bikes in Bangalore that you are intending to purpose. Finalise the color, design style, mirror alignment, seating and storage comforts, fuel tank capacity etc. 

Step 6: Ask for the vehicle’s paper from the dealer

This step is a follow up of the record history of the chosen asset. One you check that the model clarifies all grounds of legitimacy, make sure you collect the stamped papers of the vehicle submitted by the original owner. 

Step 7: Do not forget to confirm the insurance cover status 

The insurance will ensure better coverage for your second hand purchase. Before you set your mind to purchase the asset, ask the dealer regarding the repair and maintenance network, exigency coverage etc. 

Step 8: Choose a bike with a decent resale value 

Once you are satisfied with the service, you can return the second hand bikes in Bangalore to the seller outlets at a good resale value. So while you make the first purchase, make sure you also sign in a contract of good resale value with the automobile dealer. 

The final verdict

The process of purchasing second hand bikes in Bangalore can be made flawless with adequate research and by seeking suggestions from buyers with diversified experiences and approaches. The buyer’s guide is a step by step consolidated procedure that will help you fetch the best ever deals without compromising your budget. Follow each step with vigilance and own your pleasurable dreams of owning second hand bikes in Bangalore in no time.