2 in 1 OBD2 Scanner & Battery Tester- A must for Vehicle Carriers



Almost all the machines are invented with variety of technical features covering the working of the machine in its most effective manner. However, OBD2 reader scanner has their own competencies but 2 in 1 OBD2 scanner & battery tester has different capabilities that make it diverse altogether. Its main purpose is to do a battery testing like others but it contains features that distinct it with others.

It is really super-fast for code reading and battery testing in seconds. It can test emission status and able to check the engine fault and it allows you to check the battery in seconds.

Salient Features

The most salient features are mentioned below that helps in understanding the product:

  1. It contains the most easiest and low cost solution for OBD faults and battery status check
  2. You don’t need to hurried to repairing shop while you have all features in one OBD2 scanner and battery tester
  3. It contains the internet access system with the help of which you can easily fix any latest bug fixes without giving any extra charges
  4. It is car device which is workable on almost all kinds of models belonging to 1996, 2000 US, Europe and Asian cars and latest new model as well with support of many languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, and Polish.
  5. It can not only detect the engine fault and clear the error code. It has the capability of detecting the battery status of all vehicles including motorcycles, cars, light trucks, lawn mower, and yatch engines with voltages between 6-16 V devices.
  6. It is capable of doing the diagnostic test covering full OBD2/EOBD for the engine system. It also can erase fault code, its monitoring system, view VIN, O2 sensor test, EGR monitoring system, EVAP system test, data flow, freeze frame, resets monitor. It also helps to assist in passing the annual emissions test and SMOG level checking feature.
  7. It not only is responsible to check the battery condition of 6-16V 100-2000 CCA that includes simple lead-acid battery, flat plated battery, spiral battery and EFB but it also is able to analyze the performance of battery condition during starting, discharging, testing, and cranking.   
  8. It also has in built unique feature for keeping the test results including live sensors data and freeze data.
  9. It has its own Red-Green-Yellow LEDs and built in speaker for both visual and audible tone to verify the working in more effective way for better understanding.
  10.  It also has prominent feature of erasing trouble codes. It has function to read codes, clear codes, live data, view freeze frame, reading live O2 sensors, component and monito test, I/M readiness etc.        
  11. It has readable color screen with no huge difficulty in reading for anyone having labelled large buttons.
  12. It has a complete guide available inside with it to deal with more efficiently and effectively. Moreover you can print the date inside it for your own record.       

It has a little disadvantage that is been found as yet that it sometimes is unable to work on non-OBD2 systems, ABS, oil service light and SRS. Otherwise, it is an ideal product for you vehicle testing.