2 in 1 OBD2 Scanner & Battery Tester


Cars are not historically complicated like computer chips and electronics. But with new innovation in technology and usage of a computer chip in everything like the safety features engine, transmission brakes and emission controls, suspension and even in some cars the tires are nowadays connected with a complicated circuit of electronics which includes controls and sensors.

But even though the subject may be scary to few people as the main thing is that it will not be possible for them to check the engine light in case there is some disturbance, it is actually very easy. It can be done with the help of a simple OBD2 scanner. This kind of scanner helps to understand analyse repair and conduct maintenance on any new vehicles which have been developed in recent years.

There is also something called two in one OBD2 scanner which conducts various tasks on new electronic cars with is. Search users can be listed as

  • The OBD2 scanner which is is characteristically two in one cannot only read engine fault lights but can also help to clear any error codes that may have occurred. It also helps to recognize and deliver the status of battery health in cars. The OBD22 scanner for these cars supports up to 10 test modes and can do all 9 battery standard protocols.
  • The two-in-one OBD2 scanner is usually priced hai but it also delivers high performance in return for the cost. It can perform various diagnostic tests required to maintain the optimum health of the car. It also provides enough data to help car owners pass annual emissions tests and smog check tests easily.
  • OBD2 tester can help a car owner to analyze the health of a battery of 6 to 16 V.
  • The scanner is compatible with any engine code reader which includes cars running on gasoline, diesel, hybrid electric vehicles, motorcycle batteries and emergency batteries. It can be accessed in 9 different languages. it must be noted here that the OPD2 scanner can not work on non-compatible devices which are non-OBD2 systems and ABS, SRS oil service lights, etc.
  • The two scanners usually have a year’s warranty and all lifetime update an online upgrade option. One can upgrade the system using the internet with the help of a USB port.

There is a need to differentiate between the previous version of OPD which is not applicable to new cars which have been recently manufactured. The basic differences are

OPD1 used to be attached to the console of a car and OBD2 is remotely connected to the car which is usually through BlueTooth or any other such cloud services.

OBD21 was used in car models back from 1960 to 1990. The OBD2 was introduced to car models which came into being in the early 1990s.


One should always get a multitasking OBD2 that is able to provide high-cost performance. It is not easy to choose the best 2 in 1 OBD22 scanner & Battery Tester which is apt for the specific car. So one must always be careful when choosing one to buy.

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