Stop electric compressor from vibrating


Vibration problems for screw air compressors as well as reciprocating compressors are among the most common. Whether the compressor is operating in a small workroom or large industrial workshop, it is essential to establish the cause of compressor vibration to prevent further damage. To keep electric compressor from walking, follow the subsequent rules.

First, make sure the equipment does not need to be replaced. To do this, lift the stone to the surface, turn off the air supply cambric, and then blow into the hole. If it is challenging to blow, the air seems to return to your mouth, then the spray is clogged and needs to be replaced. Typically, a sprayer will last a little less than one year. It will naturally clog up with algae, fish waste, dirt, and bacteria. Remember, if your aquarium is overcrowded with fish, quickly becomes cloudy, and is not equipped with a filter, then the air stone will have to be changed even more often. A dirty atomizer creates additional resistance on the compressor, directing the air to flow back, making it harder for the mechanism to work, which makes it even noisier.

Install the compressor above the water surface. Try to fix the air pump above the water level, this will also reduce the pressure on the device and the noise from operation. In addition, by raising the device above the water level, you provide safety in the event of an unexpected power outage or failure. Vibration pads for automotive tools is another way to reduce the noise. Using anti vibration material with air compressor will not only significantly reduce the sound of your air pump. It will also prevent it from breaking down quickly. And don’t forget to check all your aquarium equipment from time to time to prevent damage or burnout. You will love your aquarium even more!