Car Key Covers Will Help with Your Car Insurance


Key cover or car key covers are insurance or an add-on to your car insurance policy as it protects you if you happen to lose your keys or if you locked your keys in the car perth. Also, many insurers will allow you to file a claim on your car key insurance without it having any effect on your no claims bonus.

Look at it this way

We all protect our cell phones with a case or cover, but protection for keys to your cars is often overlooked. But there are many websites that can help you fix this. Car key covers offer an amazingly simple method of protecting your keys from many things such as:

  • Drops
  • Scratches
  • Occasional splash into the water

Together with this, they actually look totally awesome on your keychain! Remotes and Keys offer well over 250 various options and covers for most any brand of car keys. The major goal is to make certain that the car key fobs are protected so why not also make yourself look great at the same time – fashion trend.

Correct remote

It is easy to select the right remote cover for your aftermarket:

    • Security/alarm
    • Remote start
    • Keyless entry system

If you have a working remote you can use the part number or FCC ID from it to find the perfect substitution. If you do not have a remote to use for contrast then go with the model and brand name of the system from the receiver usually located in your auto under the dash. With the model and brand name of the system, you will be able to find the perfect cover protection for your car keys. 

Other websites

There are also many websites that sell car key covers. Just do a search for “car key covers” and you will get a list of places to go and how much they cost. Always remember, with the internet, you have the world’s largest library to research almost anything – including car key protection covers.