Tips to ride your bike in foggy weather


Winter is the perfect time for long adventurous rides that help to allow exploring your paths less taken. It is the pleasant weather and the chilly winds while wearing a leather jacket, boots, gloves and a lot of good food. Choose your bike with good performance for your safe rides. When compared to other bikes the maestro 5g price will be more comfortable for beginners.

Sometimes foggy condition climates are difficult to make your trips. It shows up in the coldest part that enhances your riding activities more and more. It makes you feel chill and it takes towards the breeze of nature. Choose the top 200cc bikes in India for making your ride with pleasure moments.

Safety measures to ride your two-wheelers in foggy condition

  • Maintain safe distance: riding a bike in the foggy condition is helps to maintain a respectable distance from other bikes, cars and vehicles on the road. You can prevent yourself with any collision to occur.
  • Keep your two-wheeler speed low: Don’t ride your bike with high speed when the visibility is low. The control is a very important thing to get a safe ride during fog conditions. Make use of the brake suddenly without any collision. When your are driving in the fog conditions you need to take the proper concentration than on regular days.
  • Keep visibility: Use headlights at the time of low visibility that can avoid using reflective surfaces and safety gears. And ride slowly it keeps to reduce from the chances of collision and protects your bike to safe on the road in foggy conditions. Drive on the low beam that oncoming the traffic and not reflects the light to be blinded.
  • Keep your visor clean: Always clean your visors properly and make sure about the proper visibility of your visor. It is the best advice to treat it with anti-fogging agents.
  • Brake lights: tapping your brake light regularly is the most important thing that drives your bike safely in the moody climate. Keep your bike lights on till you reach your point from this climate.
  • Keep your bike in good condition: keep your bike in good conditions that help to give a better ride for the entire climate. Services like regular servicing, engine oil change; tyre check are the basic steps to keep your bike in good condition.
  • Take familiar roots for destination: Make sure about the roads with the good condition that protects your bike with better performance. During this climate, your bike glasses will bond with windshield moistures, use the demister to clear the moistures along with the wipers.
  • Use hazard lights: Make sure to switch on the fog lamps during the time of smog weather driving. These lamp headlights are enhancing your bike from a far distance. It helps to protect you from the difficult hazards.

The bottom line

Riding is the most interesting thing for expert riders. They are willing to ride in a chill climate to feel the experience as well as to love the nature.