Things you should know before buying a Chevrolet Suburban

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For many years, Chevrolet Suburban has become one of the bestselling SUVs because of its size and capacity. It has become one of the primary choices of people who are looking for SUVs that can carry several passengers and haul a lot of cargo.

The Car Specifications of Chevrolet Suburban

The current generation of Chevrolet Suburban is available in 3 different trims. There’s LS, LT and also LTZ trims, which would come in either rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. We can handle any trim when you are in need of an auto repair Denver. The base engine for Chevrolet suburban is a 5.3 L V8 engine. This engine is a flexible fuel engine with Active Fuel Management technology. It produces 320 hp and a torque of 335 lb-ft. This engine is also matched with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Considered as the granddaddy of SUVs, Chevrolet Suburban is huge both inside and out. All trims of Chevrolet Suburban have a length of 222.4 inches, width of 79.1 inches and height of 76.8 inches. When it comes to the wheelbase and ground clearance, Chevrolet Suburban has 130 inches and 9.1 inches subsequently. Inside of the car is very spacious. It has a standard seating capacity of up to 8 people, but it is possible to fit 9 or 10, provided they are lightly built. The luggage capacity is 45.8 cu.ft and the maximum cargo capacity is 137.4 cu.ft.

Chevrolet Suburban is a strong SUV, especially if we consider its payload and towing capacity. This is because the current generation of Chevrolet Suburban has a payload of over 1,500 lbs and a towing capacity of over 8,000.  Fuel efficiency of this SUV is at 15 City / 21 Hwy, with its 31 gallon fuel capacity.

Chevrolet Suburban Features

The Current Chevrolet Suburban houses a lot of features, which one would surely like. It has all-disc anti-lock brakes, StabiliTrak electronic stability system, traction control, OnStar®, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, optional NavTraffic navigation system, Bluetooth, USB port and a lot more features. It is comfortable to drive with Chevrolet Suburban because of the air conditioning and heating features it has. Moreover, it has adjustable seats, split-bench removable seat, leather wrapped steering wheel and others. Regularly, you would probably need a change oil service so that the Suburban continuously runs smoothly.

Security features of Suburban are many as well. It has several airbags, a LATCH system, optional rear view camera, Stolen Vehicle Assistance feature, Tire Pressure Monitoring system, Rear Parking Assist and others.

Price Of Chevrolet Suburban

The suggested retail price of Chevrolet Suburban is at $43,295, while store prices may reach $55,000 or more. For used Chevrolet Suburban, the price can be as low as $7,000 to as high as $23,000.

Chevrolet Suburban has a rich history of moving families, friends, gears and payloads because of its strong performance and power. Given that the current generation of Chevrolet Suburban is better than its predecessor, it is rated at 4.8.