Prepare to Stay on Track


While driving on a race track can sound like an exciting experience, it is understandable that one would feel nervous if it is their first time. The task can feel daunting for the inexperienced. Indeed, it can feel like being pushed into the deep end of a pool, depending on how prepared you feel for the whole thing. With that in mind, it is suggested that one prepare oneself for all that comes with the territory. Here are some tips on tuning the car and other preparation techniques to keep in mind when you dive into the world of racing.


Before you get involved in any sort of racing, you should visit a car alignment shop. If there has been any wear and tear on your car, the professionals would be able to check out the car and see what it needs. If there is anything wrong with the tire rods, ball joints, or wheel bearings, then you could be in danger as you try to race. It is best to have these people check out the vehicle and ensure that it is ready for such endeavors. Once they work out the kinks, you can be at ease as you try out your first race.

Time to Brake In

Your car will work well if it is up to date. So see what you can find as far as racing tires and brakes. Lots of people on the race track are not completely perfect when it comes to driving techniques, so it is fine to get anti-lock brakes. The way that these work is that a computer will detect whether a wheel slows down faster than the others. When that happens, it uses an electro-hydraulic valve to activate the breaks on the rest of the wheels. A system such as this would keep you safe if the wheels are out of sync.

Worth the Weight?

It goes without saying that you should keep your car clean and remove any unnecessary trash from the interior. What one might not know is that this helps by removing weight. For a car on the race track, less is more. Some of the interior paneling can be cumbersome, so it is best to evaluate whether such components as that are absolutely necessary for the race car. And since you would be in the car by yourself, you might want to consider removing passenger seats. Get rid of floor mats and any other objects that would be useless on the race track. Take only what you need.

Keep Updating

As you continue to evaluate the contents of the car, check whether the accessory belts are still in working condition. If there is so much as a hint that they are not in tip-top shape, then you need to replace them to be safe. Any other aspects of the car that seem worn out need to be repaired and maintained. You should also check the engine and see whether or not the fluids are sufficient enough. A good car tuning can go a long way, so get one if you really need one. You would not want such a disastrous first day on the track.

Stay Safe

While racing can be an extremely exhilarating sport, it is important to remember the importance of safety. So once you have gone through all of these tips, you can feel more at ease as you embark on a new adventure. When in doubt, get in touch with HG Performance. They would be able to meet your needs if you find any faults with the car that you intend to drive. With all of your bases covered, you can confidently drive on the track and gain some experience that is sure to be the topic of many a conversation in future social outings.