Four Things Teens Need to Know About the Four-Hour Drug and Alcohol Class for Florida Drivers


The State of Florida issues learner permits for driving at the age of 15. After successful completion of written exam and a driving test, Florida teens can earn their driver’s license at 16. But before anything else, there is a 4-hour driving class for learners permit that every future Florida driver must take. This is the TLSAE course.

What is the TLSAE course?

Florida requires future drivers to take a 4 hour driving class for learners permit known at Drugs Alcohol Traffic Awareness, or TLSAE. This course used to be known as the TLSAE (Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education) course. The purpose of this course is to make sure new drivers know how drugs and alcohol affect driving abilities, along with other safety information, before they take a learner’s license exam covering traffic signs and road rules.

What are the advantages of taking the required DATA course online?

Future Florida drivers are more likely to pass an online TLSAE course than they are to pass a DATA class they take in a brick-and-mortar classroom. That’s because an online course can incorporate animation, videos, color graphics, and other features that make learning easier. When you take an online course, you don’t have to listen to a lecture for four hours straight.

With an online course, you can stop and start the course to fit into your schedule around school, sports, leisure activities, or your part-time job. You can take the course on your computer at home or on your smartphone or switch between devices. Any mobile device that supports JavaScript and cookies is suitable for taking the course.

Classroom courses are all or nothing, but you can even choose an online TLSAE course thatallows you to take breaks and sign back into the course when you’re ready to complete it. When you pass your final quiz, the best four-hour TLSAE course will give you a chance to take your learner’s permit test right away.

The four-hour course may seem like just another requirement for getting a driver’s license, but medical research finds that young drivers who pass this course are far less likely to be involved in car crashes. The right TLSAE course can be a fun, convenient experience — that may just save your life.