Aircraft maintenance 101



It is vital to keep your airplanes and helicopters in top condition. Aircraft Maintenance 101 is an old flight maintenance system with a new name. It is also referred to as MX 101. There are three basic ingredients of MX 101,

  1. Knowledge Level
  2. Understanding of Technical Data
  3. Using Common Sense

The main task of a maintenance in-charge of any fleet maintenance team is to look after these three attributes in all the team members.

The superintendent should take necessary steps to continuously work on improving these most important skill-sets of the entire maintenance team. 

Knowledge Level

This is the most basic skill-set of any Aircraft Maintainer.  This is the skill-set that needs to be continuously honed from the first to the last day of the aircraft maintenance job.

The knowledge of a maintainer is not limited only to the maintenance activities but the team should have extensive knowledge about the operation of the aircraft too.

The role of the superintended is to provide continuous education & training to all the team members and assess their performance on a regular basis.

Knowledge Level makes a difference

A highly knowledgeable team member is an asset to the whole organization and contributes immensely towards fulfilling its objective.

On the other hand, a lack of sufficient knowledge would make it difficult to identify and resolve technical problems in the aircraft.

Understanding of Technical Data

A knowledgeable technician would be able to follow technical data more accurately. The technician also understands the significance of each of the technical data to ensure safer operation of the aircraft.

Maintainer having a good understanding of technical data would be able to correctly identify the deviations in the aircraft system. In addition, coupled with knowledge right interpretation of data also helps in proper restoration of the aircraft system.

Using Common Sense

Knowledge and understanding of technical data together build a sustainable, holistic maintenance system. But have we not noticed that despite such effective maintenance systems we, many a time, face safety issues?

And what do you think is the reason behind these issues? Yes, you guessed it right. It is a lack of common sense.

What is common sense? Common sense is wisdom which allows us to think indiscriminately in a situation and act in a safe manner towards resolving the problem at hand.

Common sense keeps us alert not only of our actions but also of people around us.

This is why this factor is beyond knowledge and understanding of tech data. It is an essential element along with the other two in establishing a more robust and safe Aircraft Maintenance 101 (MX 101).

Final Thoughts

So, popular Aircraft Maintenance 101 has three important elements. These elements work in unison to build a very effective maintenance system to ensure that all aboard in the craft safely reach their respective destinations in time.

It also gives the pilot much-needed confidence to take off and stay long hours in the sky before landing safely on the ground.