Prepare for Your First Track Race with Car Tuning to Safety Regulations


Signing up to drive your first race is an exciting experience that you will remember for years to come. Many times, first-time drivers are nervous about their first day on the track because they are not sure exactly what to expect. However, being prepared for the first day on the track can help to quell any feelings of nervousness.

Your car should be operating optimally in order to have the best finish possible. Take time before the big day to give your car a thorough check. The following car tuning and race preparation tips ensure that you are ready for your first day on the track.

Get the Best Racing Brakes and Tires You Can

A car’s tires and brakes are important for daily driving, and even more so when in a racing environment. Good tires give traction and adequate brakes are necessary for taking corners. The best racing tires and brakes will help you decrease your lap time and avoid wear and tear on components in the car. In order to be competitive with the rest of the field, upgraded brakes and tires are necessary.


One of the best things you can do before a race is to get a factory-spec alignment. This puts your car into alignment with the way manufacturers intended. Before you race your car, get an alignment. Technicians will inspect it for wear and tear, such as leaking ball joints, worn wheel bearings, and movement in the tire rods. These can affect the handling of the car and how it rides.

Remove Weight from the Car

Most modern cars come with additional features to make them more comfortable or add to the driver’s convenience. On the racing track though, they just add extra weight. Removing excess weight is one way to cut time off of your laps. Items like spare tires, floor mats, items in the console or glovebox all add up to create extra weight. If you don’t need the item for the race, remove it from the car. You can also consider removing the passenger seats, cabin carpeting, and interior paneling if you seriously want to cut how much the car weighs.


Tune Up

 In order to be in optimal condition for the race, your car should have had a recent repair and maintenance check. During the checkup, fluids will be topped off to avoid potential failure during your race. The accessory belts will also be inspected and replaced if there are signs of wear or damage. A snapped belt on the track means the end of the race.

These car tuning tips will ensure that your car is operating optimally on race day. You will be confident knowing that your car is safe and able to handle the race. Contact HG Performance if you need any additional preparation tips, and then get ready to take control of the track on your big day.