Auto Detailing  


Car detailing can be quite a chore to do on your own.  You have to maneuver around in the vehicle and ways that your body does not torque.  However, there is a simpler way to have a great looking car on the inside and out without being a gymnast.

Whether it is your everyday care that you need an auto detailing job done on or a classic, antique, or collectible Humble Crew Auto Detailing has you covered.  We work with clients to ensure their car detailing is done right, the first time.  From ensuring the wheels are clean to the visor mirror and everything in between.  Auto detailing takes a keen eye for detail.  Ensuring that you get into every crack and crevice with ease.  There are special tools and techniques used to ensure that each and every auto detailing job comes out in style.

We are the best Auto detailing Minneapolis Minnesota.  Our auto detailing team works with some of the local businesses as well.  If you have a dealership or sell cars on the side, our auto detailing services are perfect for you.  We work on exotic cars as well as the everyday car.  Does your wife have a minivan that turns into a Petree dish every few months?  We completely understand, kids are hard on the interior of cars however, there is a quick and easy solution.  Get your car detailed while you shop.  We are happy to discuss with you what level of detailing you to want us to achieve.  While most classic cars are top-notch, some just want a good wipe down and vacuum.  We certainly can accommodate either.

Car detailing Minneapolis Minnesota is an enjoyable business for the right person.  The attention to detail is quite high, however, we take our time and do it right, each and every time.  We offer superior service at affordable rates.  It is important to keep your antique and classic car clean and free of dust and debris that could cause scratching to the paint.  We are happy to assist you with this and ensure you also get a protective coating that will protect the paint from any chips while going down the road.

Every car needs a good shine up every once in a while.  Getting your car a protective coating will ensure that it will look great for years to come.   Take years off from your car looks by having the headlights buffed out.  Many older cars have faded out headlamps that are dull and dirty.  This causes issues when driving at night but also makes the car look old.  However, here at Humble Crew Auto detailing we are happy to buff those dull headlights out and have them as close to new as possible.