What to Do When the Garage Door Cable Snaps?


Since garage doors are integral parts of our establishments, we must keep them in flawless working conditions. If anything is wrong with them, you might need to run to a hardware store. It is imperative to check the real issue in the doors to get them treated timely. There can be instances when the cable might have snapped. If that is the case, there is no guaranty that the line will be readily stocked. 

Hence, we are listing a guide to help you know more about this issue and fix it in a timely manner. 

What do garage door cables do?

Whatever happens inside a garage door mainly remains invisible to the naked eye. The doors are counterbalanced using door cables when you open and close them. The line runs across through a pulley, right from the top of the door. The other end of the cable is connected at an angle to a spring that pulls up the door when you release it. The tension is released, and the spring eventually takes over when the door opens completely.

How can these cables snap?

These garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds, and this weight is handled by the cables. Over time, these cables start to wear out. So, if these doors are improperly adjusted, there are high chances that the cables would break or snap. Also, there can be other reasons for the cable snapping off, like a worn-off pulley. The pulleys can wear off due to thermal stress and fluctuation and also due to rust, corrosion, or abrasive weather conditions.

Although the garage doors have steel construction, they are elastic. They can easily stretch over prolonged periods and does not snap so quickly. If they are correctly maintained, the snapping will not occur. But you need to keep an eye on the cables’ warnings.

What are the signs of snapped garage door cables?

  • The doors will get stuck in a single position
  • The doors will produce loud noises when they move up and down
  • The door movements will be uneven while opening or closing

When you see any of these above signs, you must call a specialist or a mechanic immediately. Not paying immediate attention in these instances increases your chances of injuries or harm. This is where the team of La Puerta Garage Door Repair can assist you better.