Upgraded info About the New Hero Destini 125 Mileage


The Hero Destini 125 is a self-starting, manual scooter with a kick-starting ignition. It has a unit of electronic control (ECU) and runs on a fuel injection system (FI). Its centrifugal gearbox, which operates as a self-starting and with a kick transmission, also comes with a dry clutch. It also has a variomatic transmitting suspension and a front hydraulic shock absorber with a telescopic unit in the back. It has a swing with hydraulic damper brakes that are spring loaded. 130 mm front brake drum and a rear brake drum of 130 mm in specific details below. The fate of 125 new abilities and performances has been determined. The Destini 125 BSVI variant’s mileage increased by 11% and acceleration improved by 10% when compared to the Destini 125 BSIV variant.

The Basic Specifications of the Hero Destini 125

For various reasons, you need to know all these aspects of the Hero Destini 125 bike. It protects you from being scammed and helps you decide which particular version you would prefer. Most importantly, it helps you value and appreciate what you want to purchase. Why? This is because you are familiar with the motorcycle and how it works in general.

The entire Hero Destini 125 specification is listed below

It has a 124.6 cc displacement, 6.7 kW (9 BHP) of maximum power, 10.4 Nm of maximum torque, and a fuel injection (FI) fuel system. Mileage has increased by 11%, and acceleration has increased by 10%. This is actively seen in the Hero Destini 125 BSVI model compared to the Destini 125 BSIV model under standard test conditions. The engine is an air-cooled type with a 4-stroke displacement that has 124.6 cc of maximum power, 6.7 kW (9 BHP) at revolutions of 7000 every minute, with a maximum torque of 10.4 Nm at a revolution of 5500 every 60 seconds. The fun bit is that it has a rechargeable battery, specifically (V-Ah) ETZ5 MF 12 V 4 Ah, and a halogen bulb of 12 V – 35 W, with a multi reflector head lamp and a tail or stop lamp of 12 V – 5/21 W. You can also see a flattery clear lens, an amber bulb, and a signal lamp of 4 × 12 V – 10 W. Finally, the dimensions of the Hero Destini 125 scooter. It measures 1154 mm in height, 1809 mm in length, and a width of 729 mm. With a wheelbase of 1245 mm, a 778 mm saddle height and an overall ground clearance of 155 millimeters, it has five litres of fuel tank capacity and a kerb weight of 113 Kg (VX) or 114 Kg (LX).

Unique colors for you

Currently, only the VX variants are available in Matte Grey Silver and Noble Red. Candy Blazing Red is only available in the LX model. Most current accessories and features may or may not be included in the standard installation. Therefore, always check and verify before making any payment.


The price of every bike varies, just like every valuable commodity. Most of the time, the price of the hero destini 125 scooter is determined by various factors. Some of these factors are the location or country, modern upgrades, the motor bike’s model, its features and so many more.