Top maintenance tips for your new car


Owning a car, whether new or used, is a lot of work. It needs to be well taken care of to keep it from breaking down. Used cars are harder and more expensive to keep up with than new ones. Your car will last longer and run better if you take care of it regularly. It saves money on maintenance costs. Here are some car care fundamentals.

Careful driving 

When the engine is first turned on, accelerating causes it to wear out faster. Start slowly. At red lights, put the car in neutral so the engine can rest. Be easy on cars to avoid having to fix them over and over.

Auto wash every week 

Cleaning a car gets rid of grime, rust, and dirt. Don’t forget about the inside. Dirt is rough, but soft drinks and fruit juices eat away things. Clean the lenses on the dashboard and vacuum the inside of the car. Brush your rugs or spray them. This gets rid of the dirt that makes mats wear out. Let the car carpets dry out in the sun before you put them back in.

Car waxing 

Waxing your car often stops rusting and keeps it safe from bird droppings and pollution. It makes the car look better.

garage parking 

When you park your car in the shade, the interior and paint are protected from UV rays. If there is no other shade, use a car shade.

Change the oil and filter regularly.

Many owner’s manuals say to wait longer between oil changes. Still, you need to change the oil, especially in used cars. Dirt and metal particles that wear down the engine are removed when the oil is changed often. This makes the engine last longer. Old oil filters have oil and dirt that could get into new, clean oil. Pass by an auto maintenance company like Toyota bowling green which will schedule routine maintenance checks to ensure that no faulty catches you by surprise.

Tire maintenance 

Check the pressure of your tires often and keep them in good shape by following the instructions in the user manual. Uneven wear is another thing to worry about. Even if your tire pressure is at the right level, uneven tread wear could mean you need a wheel alignment. Uneven tread wear is a sign that the brakes or shock absorbers are worn out, that the wheel is bent, or that there is damage inside the tire. The wheels need to be aligned every fifty thousand kilometers. When the wheels aren’t lined up right, they wear out faster and make it hard to steer. Check if your car’s steering feels stiffer or pulls to one side. If so, check the wheel alignment.

Clean engine 

Every year, wash your engine. When engines are clean, they work better. A clean engine makes it easier to find leaks and figure out what needs to be fixed. You can steam clean your engine or hire someone to do it. Before you start, put plastic bags over the air intake, distributor, and electrical parts. Scrub the engine with a bristle brush and a detergent that removes grease. Rinse well.

spark plugs 

Manufacturers say that spark plugs should be changed every 50,000 km. This makes the engine use less gas and work better.

Care for batteries 

Even though the manufacturer says the battery doesn’t need to be taken care of, it should be checked often to make it last longer. Get the battery contacts clean. If needed, use a detergent-soaked moist rag. Check to see if the battery case is broken. If a battery has cracks or bulges, it is about to die.

Choose a good auto insurance company.

No matter how careful someone is, accidents and damage will happen. In this case, you need a reliable auto insurance company. Choose an auto insurance company that guarantees repairs and only uses parts made by the car’s maker.

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