Top 3 personal armored cars you can buy


Usually, people use cars for transportation needs, but for some these vehicles should act as added protection or security. Political officials, executives, celebrities, government secret service agents, and military personals use armored cars to protect themselves.
These automotives are prepared to withstand bombs attacks, bullet or other means of threats. You can find a wide range of armored vehicles in the market, but only few are termed as the best. The vehicles are made up with certain technologies and features, such as it should safeguard the passengers from all means of attack. Moreover, the vehicles have to be manufactured tactfully, blending with other cars in the market so that none should be aware of them being customized.
The car owner wants the vehicle to be stylish as well. The design should be innovative, considering it covers all the aspect of possible attack circumstances.
Below is the list of best choices of armored vehicles.
Mercedes S600 Pullman
This limousine is appealing and quite looks huge, but not many can guess it being an armored vehicle. This has been in the market from quite long and the make always upgrades its features, making sure that none gets hurt during the attack. A lot of political figures and celebrities, including Idi Amin, Fidel Castro, Elvis Presley and Elizabeth Taylor have used Pullman State Limousine as their favourite secured transportation vehicle. The interior is beatifically crafted to function as a bunker, while the window can withstand explosive or bullet attacks.
Toyota Camry XLE V6
For more than thirty years, this German make is this business and is specialized in designing armred vehicles that offer solid protection. It comes in a CEN B4 & B6 level of protection. It comes in an elegant design that’s quite identical to its non-armored counterpart, so that none can doubt about it being customized.
Toyota Tundra TRD Pro
It comes at a different level of armoring and is available with Double Cab and CrewMax configurations. This off-roader is very comforting even in extreme terrain conditions; it comes loaded with TRD skid plate, dual exhaust, remote reservoir suspension kit, 18-inch alloy wheels to for an amazing off-roading experience.
The armored vehicles for sale at Troy Armoring are underlined with diverse materials and plating systems to resistant to various threat attacks. The vehicles are well-built with high efficiency materials and unique fetaures, ensuring unmatched performance. For more details and pricing package, please visit Troy Armoring.