The Best of Power Bikes for Your Choices Now


The long awaited moment has finally arrived, the motorcycle license in your pocket, you are ready to offer your first bike. But how to choose your first bike A2? In this article, we will give you their advice to guide you in your choice, review several machines on the market and give you their opinion based on their affinities. This list comes perfect with a visit to Pedalinx now.


Roadsters and Trails) is of course not exhaustive

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Some general tips to choose your first bike

As any Neo Driver of two-wheelers since June 2016, you are subject for a period of 2 years the choice of a motorcycle bridle 47.5 hp (or 35 kW). With a limited power, it may be better to move towards small or medium-sized machines, not or little bridle and lighter.

Indeed, there are also on the market motorcycles derived from much more powerful bikes which undergo a “double bridle” to comply with the regulation of motorcycles A2. They are first lowered to 95 hp (the maximum for a compatible bike A2) and then be “bridable” to 47.5 hp. And the unleashing post-license motorcycle A2 to over 95 hp will be legally impossible. These are machines that play on the “enhancing” side of the big bike. Nevertheless, they are much less “playful”. Also, they are often less easy to take than smaller models, the weight and size much more in line with the maximum power imposed.

This choice remains however possible if you know that you will keep this motorcycle beyond your period A2, and that you will proceed with the unclamping after having passed the training for the license A.

A word about the occasion

The extension of the A2 motorcycle license to all drivers has had the effect of boosting the market for compatible motorcycles. Indeed, many bikers opt for a change of motorcycle once the period of 2 years is over, rather than for unbridling. So the majority of the bikes that we present in this guide to choose his first bike will be used. In its current version or in a previous vintage.

It’s up to you to watch for good deals. But beware of overvalued rates on the most coveted models, sometimes already well kilometers or equipped with many accessories. Keep in mind the new fare and the cost of any major overhauls, if the mileage of the machine approaches one of the deadlines planned by the manufacturer.

Define your needs and desires

Before going headlong on the machine of your dreams, take the time to think about it. Beyond the look, it’s important to imagine what your needs and / or expectations are. It sometimes happens that the bike that we watch in a loop for months on the web and in video is not necessarily the most adapted to what we really want to do. Check ปลายท่อแต่ง.