Learn to Ride Motorcycles


Riding on the road with two wheels seems like a completely different reality than traveling in the cabin of a four-wheel automobile. Not only do you feel the wind, but a motorized bike can travel to all sorts of places. A motorscooter can move from the road to the trail in a neat motion, but cars cannot go there. Only the motorcycle has the disadvantage of being too cumbersome for tight trails.

Two-wheeled vehicles are great but have some extra laws and considerations attached to them. It is a trick to balance on a bike at all speeds, and a new bike takes getting used to. Extra laws apply to motorized bikes because of their increased danger, and laws in the United Kingdom are especially strict.

The good news is that great schools exist to learn to ride. Motoden is based in London and provides courses that can be taken a day at a time, which is great considering that courses are offered every day of the week. Each course costs around 140 pounds, with some being a little bit cheaper. These lessons will teach you the law and basic safety.

In order to ride Road Glide Motorbikes lake elsinore CA, it is necessary to pass the Car Test. If this test was taken after February 2013, the driver can legally drive a moped with a 49cc engine and even carry a passenger. While the maximum speed for a moped is restricted to 30 miles per hour, an L plate is not required. A 16-year old would require an L plate to carry a passenger and has to stay off of motorways.

New riders are expected to take a CBT, which stands for compulsory basic training. More rules are in place for anyone wanting to ride a motorcycle because of its increased speed and liability. All motorized bike riders have to take the CBT, but a motorcycle rider needs a UK driving license as well. Anyone over the age of 16 can ride a motorcycle but cannot carry a passenger or get on the motorway for two years. They also need an L plate.

Passing the CBT will entitle the trainee to operate a motorized two-wheel vehicle with an engine power that does not exceed 49cc. With these less powerful bikes, it is possible to carry a passenger and not need an L plate.

Each class of vehicle has its own laws, and the requirements are strict. There are three other tests that need to be passed in order to remove all barriers to fully riding a motorcycle on the open road with a passenger. All three tests must be taken before two years after taking the CBT. These tests are:

  • Motorcycle Theory Test
  • Module One Practical Test
  • Module Two Practical Test

All these gates exist because even scooters are powerful enough to create a hazard on public roads. An operator is placed at great risk, and only skill and a helmet provide protection. Motoden provides great training that is more than adequate to fulfill legal requirements and to remove all restrictions to full privileges. It is a long process, and it is good to get practice with the limited license before applying for the latter tests.