Starting a car washing business in Kenya


Kenya is a growing economy with many people entering the middle-class strata. People from this class are the biggest buyers of car and hence the need, for more and more car washers, is on a rise. One of the biggest advantages of this business is that it requires small investment to start, and offers very attractive returns on investment.

Many people are steadily starting this business as it has a steady flow of business throughout the year and there are few technicalities involved in it.

Equipment needed for the business:

Car washing business is one of the easiest businesses to start in Kenya. It involves very less investment and a small area to begin. The most important equipment required includes, a car washing machine, a resource that allows you free and continuous flow of water, long hose to enable you to reach every part of the car easily, and an electric connection if possible.

Types of car washing machines

There are basically two types of car washing machines- one is the electric car washing machine that uses electricity as its source of energy to run the washing machine motor, and the other is the fuel-based car washing machine.

Electric car washing machine is the most popular form of machine used by professional car washers and service centers. Fuel based car washing machines are popular in areas where electricity is not available or is irregularly available due to infrastructure problems.

Electric car washing machines are more popular as they come in a number of models and variations. You can choose a model or variation that suits your requirements and budget. Professional service centers that have big turnover, use high power and high flow car washing machines as they can service their needs better way.

Small electric car washing machines that are popularly used by individuals to wash their cars and automobiles at home come in locally manufactured brands, but the ones that are used commercially and are more powerful, come in international brands that are used all over the world.

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