What Does Antifreeze Really Do?


Keeping your car in a perfect condition is your first responsibility as a car owner. Your car will only serve you for long if you maintain it and thank it by replacing broken parts on time.

If your car gauge is reading hotter than usual when your car engine is on the move, or you hear some grinding noise coming from under the car hood, that’s a red flag that your car needs a coolant or an Antifreeze. But wait a minute, what exactly is antifreeze?

Antifreeze is a type of liquid that you add to your car’s cooling system to stop it from overheating. Antifreeze or coolant is generally made of 50/50 mix of propylene glycol and water. When you add quality antifreeze in your car cooling system at the right time, it can keep your car engine running smoothly.

It is essential to take your car for coolant system maintenance at the right time to ensure your car engine is working optimally. If you leave your car engine to run at a higher temperature, you can risk engine failure, blowing head gaskets, and damaging the warped heads. Your engine should operate within the recommended temperature if you want to ensure you are safe on the road.

Why is it vital to have antifreeze in your car?

Quality antifreeze comes in a mix of ethyl glycol and water- these two elements make a compound with a freezing point of -40 degrees. This helps to regulate your car engine temperature from escalating.

Depending on the environment your car is operating, the freezing point of the antifreeze may keep varying. Before you can fill antifreeze in your coolant tank, ensure you dilute it properly.

Apart from stopping the temperature in your car engine from escalating, antifreeze can also help to reduce oxidation or corrosion in the car cooling system. It will prevent corrosion buildup in the coolant tank because it has anti-rust properties.

Filling your car coolant tank with antifreeze will help to reduce the damage on your car engine, especially if your car operates at higher temperatures for fuel economy.

It’s time to book an appointment with your mechanic 

Adding antifreeze on your car coolant tank is the best you can do if you are planning a long road trip. Visit a qualified auto technician for assistance.

When you take your car for the regular maintenance, you can ask the mechanic to check if the antifreeze in the coolant tank is just within the recommended level. You can also do it yourself – check the max and min lines on the coolant tank.

Ideally, if you get an odor similar to that of a boiling maple coming out of the exhaust system, you shouldn’t mind stopping by the next mechanic store to check your car coolant tank.

The bottom line is that you must ensure your car coolant system is working properly if you want to have your vehicle on the road for long.

Final Thoughts 

If you haven’t checked your car coolant system for years now, it is time you book an appointment with your mechanic to refill the coolant tank with new antifreeze.

With the many benefits that car antifreeze offers to your car engine, you must ensure you keep it at the right level in the coolant tank.