Ceramic Solutions You Can Have


If there is one thing that diverges from a ceramic installation indoors compared to the outdoors is the presence of the elements of nature. A sunny day is not the best time to get down to business. On the contrary the sun is an enemy you have to wait until it sets so as not to alter the cement glue. The rays can affect the durability of the product. 

Moreover, the adhesive cement must have a different composition from that used for the ceramics installed in the houses, it must be of a higher level. It is a mixture of cement and polymer liquid. The latter creates an elasticity which absorbs shocks rather than weakening the material which causes cracks. This adhesive cement increases resistance. It is more expensive, but it is essential. This is the most common mistake seen by people doing the installation themselves. There are options for the best ceramic coatings there now.

It is porcelain in classic colors and shapes that are popular

Very easy maintenance

Many will be surprised to learn that it is not necessary to use soap to clean porcelain, no matter where it is located. The maintenance of the exterior ceramic is therefore child’s play: just wipe with a damp cloth or mop to make it sparkle. One of the trends is to use the same ceramic both inside and outside, which gives an effect of grandeur.

A refined look

Many homeowners opt for ceramic when they want to hide damaged concrete surfaces. This avoids having to do a demolition job and it is a quick fix. Others choose it because it offers a chic and luxurious look, which does not go unnoticed, people want more and more to extend the living area towards the courtyard. It is good to continue the interior look of the house with similar porcelain. It creates an effect of grandeur, a continuity. The most popular sizes are 24 x 24 inches. Neutral colors are the best sellers: Greige, gray and earthy tones are popular. Also, the texture is important: there must be a small non-slip side to prevent falls. Glossy porcelains should be avoided for exterior floors. The trend has a classic. If in our properties it is in vogue to position the ceramic in the shape of chevrons or to opt for colored models or with patterns, this is not the case in the courtyard. Sobriety is popular.

And finally, a question remains

Is it an affordable product? Absolutely! Just like regular ceramics, there are different ranges of porcelain for the yard to suit all budgets. If you are thinking of refreshing your outdoor space with this product, stop by the store to speak with one of our experts.