Protecting Vehicle Leather with Window Tints



Your automobile, along with your house, is one of the greatest expenditures you will ever make. Wouldn’t it be to your best advantage to take every precaution to safeguard that investment? Taking a proactive approach to safeguarding your vehicle’s rich, sumptuous leather inside will help keep the leather looking fresh and preserve the vehicle’s market value down the road.

Not long ago, automotive manufacturers would add the cost of leather seats and dashboards to the vehicle’s selling price as an option. Through intensive research and development, those same vehicles began to feature synthetic leather blends that looked and felt like natural leather but were far less costly and more appealing to prospective consumers. Whether your new vehicle’s inside had genuine or blended leather, the problem of the sun’s damaging rays and their effect on leather interiors remained the same. Whether natural or manufactured, the sun’s harmful UV rays destroy leather products, causing unsightly fading and cracking.

The most suitable approach to preserve the leather inside your car is to install a window tint with the help of Window Tinting in Fullerton, CA, particularly intended to contain those dangerous UV rays. UV rays, such as those that cause and worsen the leather to crack and fade, may also cause irreparable damage to human skin and have been directly linked to skin cancer in certain circumstances. Most automobiles that undergo window tinting in Woodbury, CA, at the manufacturer during assembly receive tinting in the 20%. All window tint is calculated and measured in terms of the light percentage that passes through to the inside of the car. Thus, a 20% coating blocks 80% of the sunlight exposure. Each state has specific restrictions about how dark your tint may be, and you should always adhere to those laws when tinting your vehicle’s windows.

Below is an infographic from KEPLER discussing protecting vehicle leather with window tints.

Protecting Vehicle Leather with Window Tints [Infographic]