Overview of the various facts about nitrous setup


Nitrous setup is bottled nitrogen dioxide used to increase the horsepower of gasoline engines. Nitrous oxide is 2 parts nitrogen and 1 part oxygen or N20. The effectiveness of nitrous setup in boosting the performance of vehicles is very high. It is available for almost all types of vehicles. Nitrous oxide setup is not expensive and provides an affordable method of adding horsepower to your vehicle.

Principle of working

When nitrous oxide gets inside the engine, it moves from high pressure to low pressure. As a result, the gas undergoes thermal expansion and also heats up. As the temperature reaches 300 degrees Celsius or 572 degrees Fahrenheit, the nitrous oxide molecule splits into 2 atoms of nitrogen and one atom of oxygen. Thus, more oxygen is available for the combustion process of the fuel in the engine. Due to the increased availability of oxygen, more fuel can be injected into the engine, increasing the engine power.

The vaporization of nitrous oxide by absorbing heat from the intake air reduces the intake air temperature by 60-75 degrees. This increases the intake air density, thereby increasing the oxygen content in the engine and adding to the power. The nitrogen atoms act as a buffer by controlling the combustion process.


There are multiple kinds of nitrous setup fitted in vehicles. They are as follows.

  • A single nozzle system delivers nitrous oxide fuel mixture into the intake ports of an engine through a single point called a nozzle. This is easy to install on vehicles. However, this setup is less precise as compared to others.
  • The Plate system has spacer bearing holes through which the nitrous oxide fuel mixture is put into the intake system. The spacer is placed between the throttle body and the intake ports. This system is more precise as compared to a single nozzle system.
  • The direct port system uses nozzles inserted into each intake runner close to the intake port. This system ensures more even distribution of nitrous oxide. This is the most advanced type of nitrous setup.
  • The bar system features hollow bar bearing holes which is inserted into the intake system.

Nitrous setup is also categorized into dry and wet setup. Wet nitrous setup has separate fuel lines for injecting nitrous oxide and fuel into the intake system. The fuel lines work in tandem with each other. A dry nitrous oxide system, on the other hand, injects nitrous oxide only. Fuel is injected by the existing fuel lines of the vehicle. The nitrous solenoid exerts pressure on the existing fuel lines to increase the fuel flow rate.

Other facts

The installation of nitrous setup entails the mounting of the nitrous oxide bottle and the setting up of the lines and plate. Wiring and other components also need to be installed. Professionals are available for correctly installing the setup. The installation process takes less than a day and can be done either at your own home or a workshop.

High-quality nitrous oxide bottles come with a pressure safety disc. It vents nitrous oxide gas before it reaches dangerous levels.

A nitrous setup does not damage the vehicle’s engine by overheating or any other reason, provided the setup is of high quality, matches the make of the car and has been installed correctly.

Nitrous setup is more affordable as compared to turbo system or supercharger.