The sim sitch: why you should get into sim racing


Sim racing has quickly become wildly popular for professional drivers and enthusiasts alike. It provides a home-built, surefire way to take part in competitive racing without having to be a pro driver.

If you’ve been considering purchasing your own full motion racing simulator, here are some reasons why you’re making the right decision…

Sim racing is as close to the real thing as you can possibly get!

A cutting-edge sim racing setup means you can easily participate in life-like racing situations. For people who love racing, this is pretty much like living the home racing dream.

Sim racing is a lot cheaper than partaking in real-life motorsport, and it’s much easier to get involved in – all you need is your home setup and you can get involved in races with amateurs and pros alike!

For example, in motorsport, you might find yourself nervously waiting around the track all day until your race is on. But with sim racing, you can quickly jump into a new race with people from all over the world in no time!

What’s more, this makes it one of the ultimate ways to practise. It should come as no surprise that racing teams from Formula 1 to NASCAR have racing simulators at their headquarters – they are simply the best way to hone your skills without the risk of damaging your car or, worse, yourself!

Competition is incredibly fierce, further adding to the awesome reality of sim racing. And, like real motorsport, it takes a lot of time to become better on the track, but luckily sim racing provides you ample more time and opportunity to practise, meaning if you put in the effort you could easily become a much better racer in no time!

Sim racing is growing fast & this makes it even better

Sim racing has become incredibly popular in recent years, meaning there is a great wealth of merchandise you can buy for your home. There are many different configurations and pieces of machinery that can be purchased and customised to suit your skill level and budget.

If you just want to sim race for something to pass the time, you can get a cheap option. However, if you’re looking to practise your overall motorsport skills or want to become a pro sim racer, obviously you are going to want to invest a little more into your setup.

But sim racing’s growing popularity only makes it even better for passionate drivers! Why? Because it gives you the opportunity to race with more people, learn from others and take part in forums and discussion groups that can help you build the perfect rig for your requirements as well as take on some of the tips and tricks of the trade.

It’s the perfect driver’s education accomplice

Getting out on the track can be difficult – we all know this. Typically, racetracks that can be accessed by the public are located outside of town and can take a long time to get to. With sim racing, you have your setup exactly where you want it, and can start your engines and get racing whenever you feel the need for speed or a little valuable practise.

Given that the world’s best drivers are utilising the advanced technology and mindblowing accuracy of sim racing, it’s clear that the sport will only continue to grow in the future, making it not only one of the world’s best eSports, but also the perfect way to learn how to handle the track when you can’t physically be on the track!