A Handy Guide to Truck Liftgate Repair and Maintenance


When it comes to owning and operating air conditioning hoses tacoma wa that utilizes a liftgate to help facilitate loading and unloading operations in manufacturing, safety should be your number one priority. Every day, the US department of transportation reports over one million cases of illness or injury in private sectors, where employees need extended periods of time-off to recover. Manual labor and industrial workers are consistently in the top 5 reported professions that suffer the greatest number of these extensive injuries, and they are, by and large, preventable. 

One of the best ways to ensure that all the proper safety standards are met is by keeping your box truck or trailer in good working order. Keeping up with standard repair and maintenance of your truck’s liftgate can help prevent the average wear that comes with everyday use from snowballing into catastrophic malfunction.  

These are the most reported indications that your trailer or truck liftgate repair service:

  • The motors that power hydraulic function no longer work
  • You find that there is fluid leaking, possibly from hydraulic hoses or cylinders on a consistent basis
  • Unstable, lurching, or jerking movement when the hydraulic lift is in use
  • Noticeably sluggish performance 
  • Platforms start to slowly drift down once raised
  • Doors or platforms that neither fully raise or lower anymore 
  • Doors or platforms that seem to sag even with lighter, smaller cargo loads

The list of causes for performance issues and mechanical malfunction can certainly be vast, however, these would most likely be the reasons you could be experiencing any of the above problems after the liftgate has been in operation for a decent amount of time. 

When It Becomes Obvious Liftgate Repairs Are Needed and What to Do Next

Liftgates on trucks and trailers are designed to withstand a lot of heavy-duty use, but they certainly are not indestructible, and will eventually break down. If you have done your due diligence by inspecting the equipment regularly and taking note of any obvious issues, yet still find yourself having to address the same things over again, finding a workshop with a good reputation in the industry would be the optimal next step. 

Repairing a complicated piece of equipment like a liftgate is a task only a qualified technician should attempt. Welding, wiring, and diagnosing problems with hydraulic equipment is never a thing one should attempt by themselves. 



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