How To Negotiate Used Cars For Sale In Toronto


The decision to buy a used car in Toronto is a good one to arrive at. It saves money and allows the freedom to go whenever you want and wherever you want, but it’s the negotiating for the price that tends to be an uncertain area for many people, and it’s understandable; Not everyone was born to be an expert negotiator, so here are a few tips on negotiating a good deal on used cars in Toronto:

Keep calm – It’s hard to believe, but studies have found that people can smell fear and that’s why it’s best not to let it show in front of a used car salesman. If they believe that a customer is afraid to negotiate with them, they will use that to their advantage. So keep calm and remember that it’s the customer that is the one in charge!

Always get a mechanic’s opinion –Unless the buyer is a mechanic, him or herself, then they won’t possess the expertise to determine if the sticker price matches the car. Even when a vehicle has a set amount of mileage and is a set number of years old, it can still have issues under the hood that could take hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of dollars off the price.

So, before even entering into negotiations with the dealer, make sure that a mechanic has looked into it and can give a good opinion, in writing, on what they believe the car’s actual value is. Coming in armed with that information gives a customer a leg-up on negotiations from the start.

Submit the evidence. – Just like a trial, a person looking to buy a used car needs to be able to back up their claims about what they should be paying, if it’s different from the sale price. It’s important to do research online to determine a fair price for the vehicle, but it’s just as important to bring it in when negotiating a fair price! So, make sure to keep it on-hand for reference when walking into that used car dealership.

Agreeing on the sale price isn’t always where it ends. – Even once the dealer and the customer come to an agreement on the price, there may be other things to consider. The dealership might be having a sale on how much taxes are paid, what value they will assign for a trade-in, and even if they’ll accept a trade-in to bring the cost of the car down. 

There’s also financing to consider unless money isn’t a problem! That can also involve some negotiating as the number of years for the term has to be agreed on as well as what the monthly payments will be.

In the end, don’t be afraid to ask questions and keep calm throughout the negotiation. A cool nut is one that’s hard to crack and that will aid in getting the best price possible for one of those used cars for sale in Toronto!