How Is Lemon Law For Cars Helpful


When you buy a car, you expect it to be perfect, after all, you have spent a lot of money on it. But when you get a car with a paint job that is blotched, issues with steering wheels or brakes, sensory issues, etc., you can get disappointed. At such times, you feel that you have bought a lemon. But some laws protect the buyers from getting cheated and get a perfect car. There lawyers who specialize in lemon law for cars which include the cars of various brands. So, if you are buying a Mercedes, then you should be aware of the Mercedes lemon law.

The law expects a complete investigation of the issues in the car and whether it qualifies to be a lemon or not. If you feel that you have got a lemon and the manufacturer does not help in resolving the issue, then you can seek advice from a lemon law attorney. 

What is a Lemon Car?

Every state has its law on lemon cars. But there are ways in which a car qualifies as a lemon. One is a substantial defect that is covered with a warranty that can be detected soon after the car has been purchased. Another defect is the reasonable one that is defected even after attempts of getting repaired. However, it is a lawyer who will be able to guide you under which category your car falls into.

Category of Substantial Defect

A lemon car falls under the category of a substantial defect when the problem occurs soon after its purchase. In this case, the fault is in the manufacturing of the product and not the owner’s fault. A faulty brake is an example of such a category, but at the same time, a loose dashboard or a loose screw of any compartment does not qualify for this. So, make sure that you can provide your lawyer with proper reports to claim your rights.

Defective Even After Multiple Repairs

If you feel that your car can be repaired and it is not costing you much, then you can get your necessary repairs done. However, even if your car has a defect after multiple repair work, then you can claim your lemon law right. Some states call a car substantially defective if it is in a garage for a very long time. 

What Happens When Lemon Law Rights are Used?

When you use your right and your case is in your favor, then you will get a refund or compensated for the same as per Mercedes lemon law. In the case of a substantial defect, you will be able to get your car replaced. However, in other cases, you can get compensated for the repair work. But this depends on the level of damage or defect your car has.