Do Muffler Exhaust Systems Make Your Car Faster?


What’s the first thing automobile doctors do when they need to enhance a car’s engine? Improve the air flow by upgrading your car’s exhaust system! This is typically one of the easiest modifications out there! A top-tier exhaust system not only improves your car performance but can also turn your vehicle into a speed beast on road! 

So are car modifications mandatory for your vehicle to achieve optimum performance?

Before we talk about custom exhaust fabrication and car performance, let u break down the exact requirement of car exhausts for you. When we say performance exhausts, we are referring to the catalytic converter and the muffler exhaust of your car. 

 Their primary job is to de-restrict air flow thereby increasing engine output which results in better car performance and of course enhanced speed! 

So how does a bad exhaust system affect your car’s speed? Too much airflow restriction can trap the harmful exhaust gases or make them spill back into the exhaust pipe causing a reduction in combustion chamber oxygen levels and evidently decreased horsepower.

How To Improve Your Car Performance with Custom Exhaust Fabrication? 

In the simplest term, car modifications like custom exhaust systems are designed to resolve backflow or clogging problems. With these modified exhausts, your car’s exhaust system will restrict back-pressure by creating partial vacuums. The result? The exhaust gases flow out smoothly and your car’s combustion chamber has more oxygen, making your engine more powerful than ever. 

Understanding Custom Exhaust Fabrication & How It Can Help

There’s an exhaust system that’s just made for your car! 

Ask any automobile expert why custom is always better and they’ll you how custom parts are often carefully designed keeping specifically your car’s needs in mind. This means, a modified car, say with a custom 4×4 exhaust system will help your car engine optimize its efficiency to the fullest. This also means, while your custom exhaust does Its job, you can even think about fuel economy (the difference may not be jaw dropping but a mild improvement can go a long way).

However, performance exhausts systems come in all shapes and sizes! There are cat-back exhausts systems which are a common mod for street performance cars. Then there are header-back exhausts that replace the entire old exhaust system with state-of-the-art pipes, converters, mufflers, and more. 

Get Your Car The Smoothest Upgrade Ever 

Now, you’ve been looking into custom mods for your car but you’re not sure where to begin with! Maybe we can help! A good exhaust system upgrade always requires impeccable knowledge and outstanding craftsmanship, a quality only professional automobile experts possess. Before you invest your money into car modification, roll down to a professional car modifications workshop and get a consultation from one of the experts.