8 benefits for completing regular maintenance of your car


The opinions of dealers in the world of cars in the Middle East markets in general, and the UAE in particular, are conflicting regarding the feasibility of bearing the high costs of completing the periodic maintenance of cars in its agencies, especially the new ones.

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Some prefer to resort to completing periodic maintenance of their cars at stores and garages outside the agency, due to the high cost imposed by the agencies as a result of completing maintenance work, and in this case they buy pieces that vary between imitation and original, sometimes exposing them to a loss of effort, time and money, due to common mistakes, most notably The presence of equipment capable of dealing with the sophisticated software of modern models.

Out of the problem of costs, the great development witnessed in the auto industry, especially since the beginning of the new millennium, which is centered in large part on special software, which is actually related to the management of systems operating in the vehicle, whether through payment systems, or various suspension systems, up to systems software The complex safety, making the periodic maintenance of specialized technicians an urgent necessity, due to the lack of many external stores of the necessary technology equipment, which usually undertakes to reset this software according to the original data of the vehicle, and based on the distances covered.

In order to raise the awareness of drivers and their responsibility with regard to the safety of their vehicles, Emirates Today, in cooperation with experts in local agencies, monitored eight benefits for car owners as a result of completing periodic maintenance operations in the agency, the most important of which are: maintaining time, and ensuring public safety for vehicle users , As well as maintaining a high vehicle price value when reselling….


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