4 Reasons To Carry An Automotive Diagnostic Scanner In Your Car


The new generation of cars are highly technology-oriented. Troubleshooting common issues that might come up involves scanning codes. Carrying a Foxwell i70 PRO automotive diagnostic scanner in your car would be highly recommended, given that is it one of the most cost-effective full system scanners. 

Whenever your car runs into a problem, the sensor effectively detects the glitch. The computer in your car pops up a code, and you can find the engine light popping on. This indicates that your car has faced a problem. However, without a scanner, you would be left clueless about what kind of problem has occurred. With one of the sophisticated automotive diagnostic scanners available in your vehicle, you can seamlessly troubleshoot the issue.

In a nutshell, Foxwell i70 PRO automotive diagnostic scanner can precisely pinpoint the glitch, so that you can get it fixed. Regardless of the model you own, you must be carrying a code scanner. Here are five reasons.

Determining problem severity

At times, the engine light shoots off a serious warning of a problem. It might be so serious, that you should not be driving the car without getting it repaired. However, the problem might not be that serious in other cases. The light might indicate that a sensor is out, and this does not call for immediate attention. When you can read the codes through the diagnostic scanner, you can determine how severe the issue is.

Cost-effective solution

In case of a technical glitch, diagnosing the issue costs money. Even if you take your car to a technician, you need to make a significant expense. Carrying a scanner can save your costs, as you might be able to fix the issue yourself, once you know the problem. Buying a Foxwell i70 PRO automotive diagnostic scanner ensures that you need not rush to the technical every time a problem pops up on the screen.

With a scanner, you can easily find the OBD II connector, present under the dashboard. Simply plug it in and follow the guidelines in the manual. In the process, you can find the issues that might have triggered the light.


Well, you can easily carry an automotive diagnostic scanner in your car. This would serve as a valuable tool, in case your car breaks down. The best scanners are small, and you can place them on your vehicle. Once you get one of these tools, you need not track the nearest repair shop in case of a technical snag. The portable package ensures your mental peace as well.


A Foxwell i70 PRO automotive diagnostic scanner is compatible with more than 10000 models. Therefore, you can use them in multiple cars. Since 1996, all the vehicle manufacturers have been using a uniform method for diagnosis. The OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostic) indicates that one scanner would be compatible with several vehicles. Therefore, you would not need a new scanner if you purchase a new car.

It is recommended to purchase an automotive diagnostic scanner online from a reputed brand. Foxwell i70 PRO scanner, which comes with an array of awesome features, would be a good pick for you.