Why is Wheel Alignment Considered as a Preventive Maintenance Component?


Wheel alignment has always been a part of regular preventive maintenance for any vehicle. The process of wheel alignment involves re-positioning of the wheels to their grooves, to ensure they stick to the vehicle body in perfect angle ad get to move without a hassle.

But after crossing a certain travel distance, or after undergoing frequent off-road journeys, the wheels tend to loosen down from their grooves. At first a misaligned wheel brings down the level of performance and if left untreated, it can finally lead to a severe accident, since the vehicle goes out of control for the one who drives it. So, the team of mechanical experts who serve at the Medford wheel alignment service center, took interest in explaining to us, how a wheel alignment servicing prevents a vehicle from probable dangers, and it is because of this reason, the act of wheel alignment is considered as one of the major preventative maintenance seattle wa components.

Symptoms of a Wheel Misalignment

When the wheels of a vehicle are not properly aligned, the vehicle will automatically start showing some visible symptoms. It will develop a tendency of “pulling” towards any one side of its own, without the driver intending to do so. After slipping out of its original alignment, the wheels of a vehicle will also have other effects like leaving several bald spots on the tire, deteriorating fuel economy and affecting the overall performance abilities, severely.

Type of Wheel Alignment Your Car Needs

The very concept of “wheel alignment” addresses particular issues related to the wheels of a car. But as we all know that the drivetrain of different vehicles are different, so differ, the process and type of wheel alignment. Depending upon the drivetrain your car is configured with. These different types of wheel alignment are named as front-end alignments, thrust alignments and four wheel alignments.

For example, if your vehicle is driven with the front wheels, it will need front-end alignment, if it drives with the rear wheels, it might need a thrust alignment. Likewise, if your vehicle runs on all-four-wheels, it should be given a four wheel alignment.

Confusion between “Wheel Alignment” and “Tire Alignment”

The mechanics who offer wheel alignment service near Medford informed us that there is a confusion in the concept of wheel alignment. Some people also refer wheel alignment as tire alignment, even though technically speaking; the latter is not a technically correct one.

Mostly, it is the wheel alignment procedure which is sometimes mistaken as “tire alignment”. But the confusion has a very viable reason. Wheels and tires are the components of a single structure. The tires are mounted upon the wheels. So, when the wheels are aligned, they are mostly done along with the tires. So, it is quite possible that the term wheel alignment is described by many as tire alignment, especially for those who are not aware of the difference between wheels and tires. However, now it was quite clear why wheel alignment is considered as a major part of preventive vehicle maintenance.