Steps to perform for unwanted car removal


When you are getting tired of seeing unwanted cars, it is time for you to make the car ready for the unwanted car removal process. When you are using a car, you should dispose of them properly so that it is not harming nature after the lifespan of the product. On that note, you can go through this article, and it consists of more than one step that will help you to make your car ready for the unwanted car removal procedure.

  1. Return number plate

When you are planning to crash your car, the first step that you should do by yourself is to give the number plate of the vehicle back to the Vic roads. This is a consistent procedure that anyone should perform while trying to demolish the car. In order to complete this step, you will need identity proof of yours and your vehicle to make sure that the car belongs to you. When this procedure is done, you need to take c services from an unwanted car removal service to make sure that the car is going to the right hand to get demolished.

  1. Dismantling the car

This step will be the first step done by the company you will choose. Here the employees will check the car and will remove spare parts that can be used in another vehicle. The features that can be used in other cars, the amount will be used in another car. This is a recycling procedure for the vehicle.

  1. Drain excessive oils

After completing the previous step, it is needed to drain the whole oil first from the car’s storage tank so that an accident cannot take place due to the pressure of the crusher. It is essential for the user to remove whole excessive oils not to take place here.

  1. Remove hazardous material from the car.

Before providing the car to the crusher, employees should have to remove hazardous materials like mercury from the vehicle to be ready to be demolished. This is also denoted as the procedure that can help you out.

  1. Crushing the car

After persuing all of the above-mentioned steps, the car will be crushed. This is also going to be the last step that will define the final destination of the vehicle.


These are the steps that should be performed by the user or the unwanted car removal services so that the removal procedure can be made quickly. This is also denoted as the much-needed steps that everyone should know to crush the car safely.