Why Cab Owners Need a Dash Cam


There have been numerous car security devices in the gadget market but nothing has worked as an ultimate car security solution. Dash cams are the latest technology that people rely on, it is need of the hour, especially for the car taxi and cab owners. Such devices save the cab owners from any business hurdle and provide the ability to monitor the vehicle and the driver. Owners can the driver’s behaviour and how he is handling the car via the mobile app. 

My father owns a cab business and has around 8 cabs of different capacities. Since it is a holiday season a lot of outstation bookings are made.  He tries to confirm all but the only concern that my dad faces is the issue with the driver. They keep on calling him in the late hours to talk about difficulties they are facing in the car. Since in such hours, nothing can be done that the same time so dad usually tell them to do whatever they think is right as the passengers should not get troubled.

I could see my dad had started taking a lot of stress because of such problems and had told me that he will shut this business down if the scenario will remain the same. I could not bear all of this and started to look for solutions online.  That’s how I came across KENT CamEye and read about the features and facilities it offers. I told dad about it and initially it couldn’t understand, I made him see the videos only but instead, he asked me if they can give us a trial. I called the number that was mentioned on the website and asked for a demo at my place. My dad experienced the product and found it pretty helpful. He booked one and had put it in his own car first to understand its working. He was quite impressed with the product performance and booked 7 more to install them in all of his taxis. 

The device not only gave him a peace mind but also helped him in instantly accessing the live location of the taxi, number of stoppages and excessive use. Now my dad secretly observes the driver without even letting him know about it. This has not only given him the assurance that the taxis are protected but has also helped him gained the trust of his customers and passengers. 

Here are a few of the features that have helped my dad in keeping a tab on his business:

  • Trip Analysis:
    He use to constantly get the complaints from the drivers about the car speed, they use to tell the car is not picking up speed and it needs to be repaired. Finding a solution to these sitting miles away is difficult. But with KENT CamEye, my dad can know wher the vehicle was and what route did it take.


  • Live Video streaming and 2-way calling:
    A lot many times when the passengers right negative reviews about the company or the driver and when dad confronts with the driver, he would never speak up the truth.  There wasn’t any tracking to such things but with KENT CamEye it was now possible. Now, dad could live stream inside the car any time he wanted and simultaneously could also hear whatever the conversation is happening in the car. KENT CamEye offers live video feed that allows you to watch what is happening inside and outside the car. It even has a 2-way calling feature that lets you talk to the driver and even the car occupants without even dialing their number. 



  • Mobile based AI alerts:
    Another factor that helps my dad is mobile alerts about the vehicle. With these alerts dad can constantly get to know everything about the vehicle, for e.g. Over-speeding, loud music, engine idling, etc. which helps him stay in touch with his taxis and helps him keep the reputation of the business high. 


If you are also looking for something that can keep you connected with your business when you are not around, then KENT CamEye is undoubted can be a perfect choice. 

This dash cam in India is priced at Rs.17, 999 and comes with 3 months free subscription. You can call: +91 95826 12345 for a free demo or can buy the device from the company’s website or from