What’s the cost of hiring a Colorado personal injury lawyer?


An unfortunate accident can leave you in a state of despair and trauma. Colorado is a fault state. If the accident – No matter whether it was a slip & fall accident or a traffic accident – was a result of someone’s fault, you may file a personal injury lawsuit. This is when the other party owed you a duty of care, but was negligent in their action. Once you have got medical attention and feel okay, it is time to look for a personal injury lawyer near me. People often step back from calling an attorney, because they are worried about the costs and expenses. Considering that you are probably dealing with medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses, hiring an attorney may seem overwhelming.

The good news is most injury lawyers in Colorado work on a contingency fee. In this post, we are discussing more on what it costs to hire an attorney. 

What is contingency fee?

Contingency refers to an arrangement, where an injury lawyer will only charge a fee for their work, if and only when they can get a compensation. In other words, you only pay your lawyer, if they win. This is a sharp contrast to retainer or hourly charges that other lawyers charge. What happens if the lawyer wins? In this kind of arrangement, they will charge a fixed percentage of your settlement/compensation, as their fee. The key reason why contingency fee makes sense is because clients can afford legal representation. There is no additional financial concern, related to hiring an attorney to file a personal injury lawsuit. 

How much can a lawyer charge?

Personal injury lawyers charge a contingency fee based on the work involved. For instance, experienced lawyers may charge a tad more than others. Or, when a case demands more work, you may have to pay more. In most cases, the cost of hiring an attorney is one-third of the compensation received. Some attorneys may charge lower, but the contingency fee usually varies between 25% and 40%.

Other costs and expenses

Besides the contingency fee¸ there could be other costs related to litigation and investigation. Ask the attorney if they can advance these expenses on your behalf. It is always wise to discuss the extent to which a lawyer, or a law firm, will extend their support. 

Check around or online, to find an attorney in Colorado soon after your personal injury accident.