What Do I Do If I’m A First-Time Driver In The UK & Have No Idea How To Get Insured?


Purchasing insurance for your car in the UK can be quite annoying especially young driver car insurance. It takes a lot of research, and it starts even before you have the car. That’s because the type of car you have / will have a big influence on your car insurance value.

Here in the UK, it is mandatory to have insurance to drive. The insurance amount is based on the following items, among others:

    • Type of coverage you want – greater or lesser coverage
    • Address – if you live on a quieter street, on an avenue, etc.
    • car type – new, old, car
  • Car makes, model and year – if it is sporty, modified, engine size, etc. Go for cheapest cars for new drivers.
  • The number of miles you intend to travel for one year – the more miles, the more expensive it gets.
  • Displacements he has, the more displacement the price increases (more risk of speed)
  • Your current age – if you are up to 21 years old, you pay one price, 21 to 24, you pay another, 25 or more, you pay less. The older, the cheaper.
  • the type of driver’s license you have (temporary or permanent) – driving licenses issued up to 3 years usually pay more (risk of being an inexperienced driver)
  • Where the guard by day and by night – if the car is kept on the sidewalk of the house, closed or opened the garage
  • The purpose of car use is whether the car will be used only socially, whether it will be social + 1 place of work or social + 2 places of work.
  • Amount of no claims bonus you have – every year insured without accidents, you get a year of bonus discount. Cumulative up to 9 years. The more years without an accident, the cheaper it gets.
  • If you have accidents or, in some cases speeding tickets on your record – any reimbursement you ask for insurance the other year is more expensive; any infraction you have is also more expensive. All of this is recorded in the DVLA, and they can track this information. By law, you must report this to the insurer and where things are taken seriously.

Types Of Insurance Coverage

Below are the three most common types of coverage:

  • Comprehensive cover: it is the largest coverage offered and includes just about everything.
  • Third-party fire and theft: insurance if something happens to a third party, including insurance against your car, is damaged, stolen, or destroyed by fire.
  • Third-party cover only: lowest coverage required by English law. It only ensures third parties in the event of an accident.

Even with the comprehensive cover, here in the UK, if you have an accident on the street, for example, if your car broke down for any reason, you need to have an additional tow truck service. It is called a breakdown cover, and many companies sell it separately, and it also has coverage levels. Ensure you go for the best car insurance for new drivers under 25.


Jim Lewis
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Jim Lewis is worked as a Cadillac sales for several dealerships over many years. He is currently managing car dealerships, luxury cars and auto dealers Huntsville AL. He enjoys writing about brand’s vehicles and upcoming projects.