The 12 Must-Have Wheelchair Accessories


These are the things every wheelchair should have and they are the wheelchair lift accessories:

  • Anti-decubitus cushions.

Bedsores can appear in those areas where there is persistent pressure on the skin and tissues. In these areas, blood flow can be reduced, and this is when bedsores appear. For this reason, there are different types of anti-bedsore cushions. Several factors must be taken into account when choosing the cushion. One of the most critical points is to know how much the user weighs and also their height. Another factor is knowing your motor skills.

  • Seat belts.

Wheelchair belts provide more excellent safety for their users, especially when they have little mobility in the upper trunk. These provide support and prevent slipping.

  • Restraint harness.

These restraint systems also ensure the fixation of the user by helping to keep their spine in an upright position.

  • Armrest pads.

Armrest pads reduce friction on the arms, reducing pain and improving user comfort. These are especially useful mainly when the chairs are used for long hours.

  • Wheelchair backpack.

When choosing a backpack for wheelchairs, we must assess several factors. One of them is to assess the relevance that the user will want to bring. This will be decisive in assessing the size and material of the backpack. Likewise, it must fit the wheelchair, holding on without blocking the wheels or other essential components.

  • Storage pockets.

Some bags can be hung from the chair’s armrest and allow you to carry accessories closer to your hand. These bags for manual or electric wheelchairs are handy for carrying a mobile, glasses, or other frequently used objects.

  • LED lights.

LED lights are helpful both to be seen and for others to see us. Many people in wheelchairs must travel on the road due to a lack of space on the sidewalks.

  • Rearview mirror.

Rearview mirrors for wheelchairs are handy for having a rearview without having to turn around.

  • Adaptable side table.

A wheelchair table is practically essential, primarily to facilitate daily tasks such as eating or others. Usually, these tables are adjustable in height so that the user is as comfortable as possible.

  • Umbrella/parasol.

These umbrellas/parasols adapt to the wheelchair’s grips and allow shelter from the rain or sun without holding them.

  • Drink holder.

The drink holders are another widely used accessory to carry any drink during the walk or at home.

  • Waterproof and thermal raincoats.

The raincoats are used to adapt to most wheelchairs, covering the user’s body and wheelchair. Its material and dimensions protect the person from rain, cold, or snow.