What are the Different Types of Tractors Offered by Mahindra?


For over three decades, Mahindra has sold the highest number of tractors and is the leading company in India. The brand has earned a credible reputation in this industry due to the high-quality performance, durability, and strength of various models. It sells over 2 lakh tractors annually.

Mahindra manufactures four-wheel-drive (4WD) and two-wheel-drive (2WD) models ranging from 20HP to 75HP. All the models of this company come at a reasonable price. Moreover, their cost of maintenance is low, and these tractors deliver excellent fuel-efficiency.

Here are the different types of Mahindra tractors:

  1. Up to 20HP

These are ideal for orchards, inter-culture operations, and small landholdings. The company offers Jivo 225DI and Yuvraj 215 NXT in this category. The tractors with up to 20HP have a starting price of approximately INR 2.6 lakh.

  1. Between 21HP and 30HP

The models in this category are suitable for working on orchards and medium-sized landholdings. Tractors in this category include Jivo 245DI 4WD, 255 DI Power Plus, and 265DI. The approximate prices range between INR 3.8 lakh to INR 4.9 lakh.

  1. 31HP to 40HP

When you opt for tractors in this category, you can work faster and improve efficiency in the fields. The models include Yuvo 275 DI, Yuvo 415 DI, 415 DI, 265 DI Power Plus, 275 DI TU, 275 DI XP Plus, and 275 DI Eco. The price range for this category is between INR 4.55 lakh to INR 5.5 lakh.

  1. Between 41HP and 50HP

The company offers the highest number of models in this category, which are suitable for high-power agricultural operations and large landholdings. Some of the models include Yuvo 475 DI, Yuvo 575 DI 4WD, Yuvo 575 DI, 475 DI, 475 DI XP Plus, 475 DI SP Plus, 575 DI, 575 DI SP Plus, 575 DI XP Plus, 585 DI, 595 DI, Arjun Ultra-1 555 DI, and Arjun Novo 605 DI-MS. The estimated prices of these models are between INR 5 lakh to INR 6.5 lakh.

  1. Others

The 50HP and 60HP plus models like Arjun Novo 605 DI-i, Arjun Novo 605 DI-PS, Arjun Novo 605 DI-i-4WD, Arjun Novo 605 DI-I with AC cabin, Arjun Ultra 1 605 DI, Novo 755 DI, and Novo 655DI offer advanced technical features. These models are suited for non-farm applications or large complicated farming operations. Tractors in this category begin at an estimated starting cost of INR 6.5 lakh.

The company also offers mini tractors priced between INR 4 lakh to INR 6 lakh. Some high-end models are also available, which have an approximate cost of INR 12 lakh. Mahindra has over 1000 dealers across more than 40 countries and is one of the biggest companies in the agriculture equipment industry.

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