How rolling resistance affects the fuel economy of your car


Rolling resistance is important measurement for tyres as it has an impact on the fuel economy and the wear of the tyres. The rolling resistance is highlighted on the EU tyre label where it is defined as fuel efficiency. Here you can easily compare between the car tyres to see which tyres have the lowest rolling resistance and thus the best fuel efficiency. For electric cars or hybrids, this means that less electricity is used and that you get further with every charge.

Rolling resistance is defined as the force required to maintain forward motion of a tyre in a straight line with a constant speed. This is why the greater the tyre’s rolling resistance, the lower the fuel efficiency of your car becomes. This is why it is important to choose tyres with low rolling resistance as they can save anywhere from 1 to 4 percent per liter. This in combination with smooth and calm driving can save up to 10 percent in fuel economy.

When investing in new tyres for your car it is important to find tyres with low rolling resistance. The EU tyre label makes it easier nowadays to find the tyre that have low rolling resistance, as by law every tyre sold within EU have to have this label. It is valid for summer tyres, while for winter tyres it is not really representable as the resistance is measured outside the normal operating temperature for the tyres.

Even for the summer tyres it is not the only factor that you should consider when purchasing new summer tyres, as you also rely heavily on the safety of the tyres. You will need to find tyres that have also good wet grip and ability to prevent aquaplaning. The wet grip is highlighted on the EU tyre label, so if you find an AA-rated tyre, which is a tyre that rates A on fuel efficiency and A on wet grip you know that you have found a good tyre. You might also want to check tyre tests for summer tyres to make sure that the tyres you are planning to invest in have proven good when compared to other tyres for conditions that are similar to the ones that you will face. If you have an electric car of hybrid you will need to check that in addition to having low rolling resistance that they are recommended for use on electric cars with higher wear.

Even when you purchase new all-weather tyres make sure that they have low rolling resistance This tyre incorporates many new technologies to allow for excellent wet grip, smooth quite driving, long tread life with the advantage of all year-round use.

Investing in a low rolling resistance tyres helps save fuel and the environment. When you are investing in a new set of tyres make sure to check the EU tyre label for the fuel efficiency and know that it will make the tyres last longer and have a lower environmental impact.

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