Useful Tips and Hacks on Hiring a Classic Car Rental for Any Occasions


Sure, you can get married and get away from the church in just about any clunker on the road, including your uncle’s new Mercedes, which you borrowed for the weekend, but why not make a real statement. Imagine a chauffeured classic Ford Thunderbird with the top down, or a tricked out Lincoln Continental.

It’s possible to find classic vintage car rentals at hundreds of locations throughout the U.S. and leave the church in style.

With that said, here are several classic car rental hints:

Decide early

Vintage car rentals are not like Hertz or Avis. You don’t just stroll in a few days before and pick a car.

Classic car rentals are few and far between, so they book up fast and often months in advance. So the sooner you choose, the sooner you’ll get the vintage car that you want locked in.

Rent only from a professional

There are a few companies here and there that specialize in renting classic cars. However, usually, it’s dedicated, collectors.

It’s perfectly fine to rent from a collector, but in this case, you want to be sure he or she has a business license and insurance.

Without insurance, even if you are not driving the car (and usually the cars come with a chauffeur only,) without substantial business insurance to protect you from lawsuits, you could end up footing the bill in the case of a serious accident.

Look at the car in advance

Before signing a contract, arrange with the renter to give you a tour of the car. They should show you every feature of the car, including important safety features such as upgraded breaks.

How well-maintained the car is should give you a guide as to whether to rent it or not.

Also, be sure and get an explanation as to how the couple, especially the bride, should get in and out of the car. Then try it two or three times for yourself. The car may be perfect, but if it’s impossible to get in and out of, what’s the point?

Consider double booking

Classic car wedding photos make a great backdrop, so consider booking twice, once for the wedding, once for photos.

Usually, the owner knows great sites as backdrops and will deliver the car to you mid-week at a reduced rate.

Get a genuine contract

The contract should specify all-inclusive pricing, specify the hours of you will have the car available, make available additional hours in case of minor snags, and the price for those additional hours, whether a gratuity to the driver is built-in, cancellation policies (on both sides, the owner and the couple,) returns on deposits etc.

Also, never rent a car that is double-booked, it can throw everything into disarray if minor emergencies happen.

Vintage cars can add real class to a wedding, and also give a couple and opportunity to show their personality. Whether it’s a model T, a classic Mustang convertible, or a classic Rolls Royce, adding a class car can be great fun.