Top 5 Bike modification that helps you for a long trip


Are you planning for a long trip in this vacation time? Taking a bike for a long trip is an art to be practised and preached. Before that you want to choose the bike for a long trip, you can choose any kind of bike. But you must always feel comfortable in riding time. Best 125cc scooter has a good comfort seat and it runs smoothly. You zero in on your bike that needs certain modifications to ensure it is comfortable for you to handle. Here are some basic tips to modify your dream bike for a long trip that are listed below:

Bike seat

The bike seat plays a major role on long trips. Having the cushion on the seat, that will help you to sit on the bike for the long trip without much burn on your bottom. For this, the amazing products like Fego float which not only helps for the long trip. But it also reduces the risk of back pain on a bumpy road.

Back rest

The second convenient thing for a long trip is the back support. You can fix the backrest on almost any bikes as long as you do not ruin the look of it. It is best for a long trip, to reduce your back pain and feel you more comfortable while riding. If you fix the backrest then your dream bike will look good.

Side bags/ side stays

When planning for a long trip, definitely you will not plan for one day. So, to take your stuff along you will need the side bag. In the market, there are two types of side bags, one is the side bag and the other one is the panniers. The side bags may or may not be waterproof but they usually come with the weather cover. The panniers are a hard case bag that laches onto the bike sides. For sight bags, you might have to get the side stay to keep the side bags planted. The whole set comes in a pannier, but at a cost.

Accelerator assist

This is the best accessory to fix on the bike; it helps to feel your wrist much relaxed not only for a long trip but also inside the city. Best bike in 100cc to 125cc is a good choice for modifying your bike at your own convenience. Especially in the rainy season where accelerating becomes easy with it. You should not be having a second thought about buying it, because it is very cheap.

Tubeless tires

Most of the bikes come with tubeless tires, Having the tubeless tires give you that extra distance to reach the nearest puncture shop before the tire is flat. The tube tires become scarier when they burst all of sudden. Where the people have met with the major accident because of their tires bursting while riding at a high speed. So, you choose the tireless bike for a long trip.

Final thoughts

These are certain things you need to know about the modification of a bike for a long trip. Follow the above-mentioned points and have a happy and safe journey.

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