Tips to ride safely in heavy traffic


Everyone will be aware of the congestion and traffic of the urban road. Daily you might face heavy traffic issues in your area. Riding vehicles in heavy traffic is a daunting task and by riding, you have to protect you and as well as the other person on the road. Especially for beginners, riding in the traffic zone is a real nightmare. On the heavy traffic-choked commute, the motorcyclist deals with many different tasks. Riding a bike is like meditation, you have to concentrate on things and you must also have basic skills at least. Making mistakes in this can mean to roadkill the humankind. Here are some important tips for you to follow on heavy traffic to avoid sufferings.

Practice your riding ability

By practice you are able to do anything. Research says that through practice you can make that as your habit itself. Even that is applicable to develop your riding skill too. The more time you take your motorcycle by spending on the saddle, the more you get to practice to the capability and performance of your bike. If you are a beginner to ride then you can start with some general bikes like splendor plus for better convenience. Splendor plus ki kimat is the brand slogan of it and it provides you with high performance.

Be defensive and aggressive

You should not be single-minded while riding a motorcycle. If you are riding too slowly then it may always give a chance for other riders to compress you. Riding very hastily may lead to hurting yourself and causing damage to your motorcycle. To make the moves as brisk and possibly safe, you have to ride with aggressive manners and defensive skills which may help you to create a space. In aggressive riding, you have to switch on occasionally whenever you are in need to overtake a vehicle quickly or to sufficiently maximize the average speed. In defensive riding, you must be aware of the space of where you are riding and you just have to adopt the traffic surrounding.

Don’t care about the blind spots

There are some positions and places while riding in the road, where you are not able to see the other driver on the road in the mirror. In the rearview mirror of the vehicle ahead of you, you must be visible in that. And if you are not being visible in that, then you just don’t exist on the road behind for the driver ahead of you. By continuously decelerating and accelerating your motorcycle, always try to maintain the pace of your motorcycle. This is done to be visible in the mirrors ahead. There is the most fuel-efficient scooty in India, which can give you high performance and it may also help you to tackle the traffic.

Avoid riding between a vehicle and a turning

You may get stuck within these most dangerous scenarios. It is advisable not to squeeze through the gap, though it seems to have a sufficient gap in between the vehicle taking a turn and crossing in the edge of the joining. Make sure to follow this to avoid any kind of sideway collision.

The above-mentioned details are some tips to follow while riding in the heavy traffic, make use of it to have a safe ride.