The Importance of Owning Factory Service Manuals for your Car


It is actually a proven fact that most drivers do not even look past the first few pages of their car’s factory service manuals which usually takes place on the first day that they get their car. In most case scenarios, the urge to drive the vehicle causes them to not only neglect the factory service manual, but also misplace it. 

The strange thing is the fact that most vehicle owners have a complete set of tools or at least they ‘think’ they do, when the actual truth is that they don’t have the most important component of their toolset, which is the factory issued manual for their cars. The factory service manual is something that could save car owners not just a lot of money, but it can also help car owners to get out of tight spots when their cars go bad. 

The money saving part comes from knowing exactly what is wrong with your car when it breaks down and prevents mechanics from over charging or replacing parts that do need to be changed or replaced. Apart from that in the event of emergencies where the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, the factory service manual could be a life saver.     

 Another mistake people often make is thinking that they would be able to download anything, anytime, anywhere and while this is a fact that is undeniable given the extent of technological reach, it is not practical during times of emergencies. A hardcopy (even if it is downloaded and printed) from the factory or an original copy is the best way to go. 

It is always easier to manage a printed easily readable manual that you are able to flip from page 10 to page 100 is always more practical than scrolling through digital copies when you are wedged underneath a car looking for a particular screw to tackle. In most discussion concerning auto repair, this topic never ceases to come up and although having a digital copy is good, it is always better to ‘also’ have a hardcopy that does not need batteries and has images that are easily discernible. 

For those of you who have harboured the intention to fix your own cars/ vehicles, the rule of the thumb is to first of all get a factory service manual and start with servicing your car such as doing your own oil and filter change and from there move on to other things. Car factory service manuals make it easy for you to identify problems quickly and get to the bottom of things either before you visit a mechanic or before you decide to get your hands greasy. 

The moral of the story here is that, if you want to do something, do it right the first time. Fail to follow this rule and it the end result could be you end up with a bigger bill at the mechanic or worse – you vehicle becomes a death trap due to your unguided tinkering.