Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Off Road Camper


Whether you’re interested in camping or road tripping, you need to know a few maintenance tips for your off road camper this summer. Following this guide will ensure that your camper is always ready to go and is capable of providing you with the protection you need on your trip.

Check Your Tires

Make sure your tires are ready for the journey. When you go camping, you drive on the beach, in the woods, and on other off-road trails. You need to make sure that your camper is outfitted with proper off-road tires.

Low tire tread can make it harder for you to get the maneuverability that you need, especially on hot asphalt or wet terrain. Be sure to check not only the thread but also the tire pressure. The tires you use should also have a stiff sidewall so you’re protected against rocks and other rough terrains.

Inspect Your Suspension

With all of the jostling that you’re doing riding up and down sand dunes, over dirt roads, and more, your suspension is likely to go faster than you realize. Wheel bearings and a few other parts will need to be changed with greater frequency – and in the summer heat, you may notice that they wear even faster. It doesn’t take much to mess up an axle when going over a big bump, too. Keep everything well-greased. If you notice uneven tire tread, it’s likely that you’ve got a suspension problem going on, too.

Keep the Camper Clean

Tree sap that drips onto the camper, bird droppings, and more can wreak havoc later on. Any dirt and debris should be removed as quickly as possible to avoid it accumulating. Especially with the UV rays beating down on everything, you don’t want anything eating into the finish of your camper or reducing the waterproofness. You have made an investment in your camper, so you should maintain it properly.

Focus on Vehicle Maintenance

If your vehicle crashes or experiences maintenance issues, your camper could be damaged. Be sure that you get a full inspection of your truck before heading out onto the road. This includes everything from an oil change to a new set of windshield wipers. After all, you never know what you’re going to run into on the road, and you will want to be prepared.

Before you plan on setting off on any kind of summer adventure, be sure your off road camper has been maintained. Following these simple tips will ensure your plans aren’t cut short or suddenly more expensive because of having to make major repairs.