Remember To Recycle Your Old Tyres


Winter Tyres

Recycling is always very important and since tyres are big, you want to avoid having them just end up as landfill. It is important that they are recycled properly. Best is always letting the tyre shop to recycle it when you purchase a new set. They know how to properly recycle it. Remember also the weights used to balance the tyres need to be properly recycled. Try to make sure that they use weights that are environmentally friendly and don’t contain lead. 

When you purchase new tyres, you should also choose tyres that have been produced with the environment in mind. Choose producers that use only purified low aromatic oil and chose tyres that have inherent low rolling resistance that consumes less fuel and thus reduces the CO2 emissions. 

By using the tyres properly, you will be able to enjoy your tyres longer than if you fail to take care of them. One key item is to make sure that you have the correct tyre pressure in each tyre. Low tyre pressure causes the tyres to wear out faster, the same can happen with very high loads. This can also happen if you are not using the correct tyres for hybrids or electric cars.  This reduces the waste, as your service life is increased, and you have to buy new tyres more seldom. 

Rotation of the tyres is also increasing the lifetime of the tyre, as by changing the position of the tyres, the wear will be more even, so remember to check for differences in tread wear and change the position of the tyres. 

When the tread depth has reached 4 mm, it is time to purchase a new set of tyres and make the change. Since you change between summer and winter tyres, your tyres are basically only being used half the year for each set, so your tyres will last a long time. When you let the same tyre service station doing the tyre change as well as any tyre service, they will also be able to sell you a new set and recycle the old ones. When you get a new set, remember that they will need to be balanced. The good thing with letting experts doing the tyre change is that they don’t forget, and they take good care of your tyres and your safety.

If you instead will use all-season tyres, then you can use the same set of tyres for the whole year. You can skip tyre changes regardless of weather conditions. You will still need to visit the tyres service station to have the tyres rotated. When you change between summer and winter tyres, your tyres are rotated twice per year. When you use all-season tyres then you should also rotate them twice per year. If you drive an electric vehicle or hybrid you might need to rotate the tyres more frequently, as they tend to have higher wear than petrol fueled ones.

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