6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Car Winter Ready


Before embarking on any journey, preparing your vehicle not only prevents breakdown or accidents but also saves your money on repairs. Whether you’re driving on a road trip or heading to your local grocery store, having a well-maintained car is essential for a hassle-free drive.

You probably have searched for mileage interval service Anchorage, AK. But at times, life gets in the way, and postponing the maintenance seems like a good idea. Since winters in Anchorage are harsh on people and vehicles alike, it’s crucial to keep your car winter-ready all the time.

Below are six easy ways to help your car endure the winter season.

Schedule an Interval Check-up

It is one of the easiest and most basic ways to prepare your car for winter. It’s always better to prepare for the worst. And schedule your vehicle for mileage interval service Anchorage, AK, before the season changes.

In extreme weather conditions like Alaska, cars are more prone to malfunctions. So don’t wait or postpone until the last minute. Mark your calendar and get your car tuned up when you have time.

Check the Battery Health

Cold weather makes your car falter while starting the engine. A faulty battery is one of the top reasons behind vehicle breakdowns. When the distilled water in your battery freezes during the chemical reaction, it can damage the cells.

Try to change your car’s battery every three years or earlier if it’s causing many problems in winter.

Perform Tire Pressure Check

Worn-out tires make your car susceptible to accidents. Old and shabby tires reduce the stability and make it difficult to stop the vehicle quickly. Good quality tires with proper tread allow you more control over your car.

During cold weather, the pressure in tires decreases. Hence, ensure to check tire pressure from time to time.

Test Headlight and Fog Lamps

During peak winters in Alaska, darkness looms even during daytime. Apart from that, fog is prevalent when the temperature is low. Ensure you check all the lights in your vehicle before winter sets in. Always try to keep the lights in working condition.

If possible, upgrade your lighting system to help it pierce through the fog and increase visibility to good measure.

Change the Fluids

Change all six types of fluids before the temperature drops in Alaska. These fluids are – coolant, brake system fluid, transmission fluid, washer fluid, power steering fluid, and suspension differential fluid.

Antifreeze fluid or coolant prevents the water in the engine’s cooling system from freezing. Ensure topping coolant every 2-5 years based on your car model and type of antifreeze fluid used in it.

Check the Brakes

Brakes are one of the most basic and crucial safety features of your vehicle. Most accidents happen because of broken or faulty brakes. If it makes a squeaky sound whenever you use them, get it checked.

Always keep your vehicle’s brakes in minted condition to avoid accidents, especially in winter. Brakes get damaged easily during winter as moisture develops rust and damages it.

Summing up

The best thing you can do to prepare your car for crazy winter is to get the mileage interval service Anchorage, AK. Follow the above easy-to-apply tips and tune your car for icy cold winter.

While some things you can do or change yourself, for others, you may require a mechanic. But one thing is sure; you will always save money from unnecessary damage and repairs.

Dipen Khatri
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