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Povtech Founded in 2020 by Tom and Steve Povey, who offer knowledge from a range of different aspects of the automotive trade to the firm. Tom has spent the previous three years running his own successful business, which provides a wide range of specialized automotive repair and tuning services. He began as a vehicle diagnostic and air conditioning professional before moving into the rapidly growing industries of carbon cleaning and vehicle tuning and remapping.

Tom has been in the fortunate position of witnessing the growth of both sectors and partnering with top companies as both a Tec4 carbon cleaning specialist and an Avon tuning authorized agent, joining the distinguished network of 150 agents worldwide.

Steve has been working in the automotive sector for almost 40 years. Initially trained as a mechanic, he progressed through several jobs in the workshop, including Service Manager, before becoming a Business Development Manager for both Snap-on and Tool Truck. Steve has watched the growth of these businesses, as well as the significant advancements in technology and research and development.

Steve believes that preventative maintenance is always more cost-efficient for the consumer. He is ecstatic to be able to provide the kinds of service and customer support that come with being a member of these industry-leading networks. VWs are his love, and he has already repaired and converted numerous, including Bay Windows, T25s, and T4s.

Improve your car’s performance and fuel economy.

Many car manufacturers utilize the same engine and ECU setup across a variety of vehicles while delivering varied power outputs; this allows the producer to offer these diverse models for a higher profit without having to increase the supply network. For example, the Mercedes sprinter has varying power outputs ranging from 95 Bhp to 150 Bhp; all of these engines are identical, so a stage 1 remap is completely safe for any of these models, taking them from stock factory power up to 185 BHP, a huge increase of 90 Bhp over the basic model, all while staying within the safety tolerances set in place when the vehicle was designed.

Many current automatics are manual gearboxes controlled by an ECU and gears are switched by electronic solenoids, a far cry from the simple torque converter and oil pressure-driven auto boxes of the 1990s.Povtech can probe the gearbox control unit, or TCU, and alter the manufacturer’s limits, allowing us to offer your car quicker shift times and autothrottle blips on downshifts to match the gearbox speed to the engine speed.Povtech can offer a launch control option or even a complete manual mode with some gearboxes, allowing you to choose when the gears shift rather than the control.

Povtechcan provide 0% interest for 4 months on all of our services, including ECU Remapping. This means you just have to pay 25% of the entire amount on the day the job is completed, followed by three equal monthly installments. All that is required is a valid debit card from which payments can be made. Please contact them if you would like to explore this further, and one of the staff members would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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