Take Assistance from Professionals Regarding Towbar Installation Services


Grampian Towbars’towbar installation service allows them to get a towbar installed while they sleep. Grampian Towbars believes that everyone should have an experience. That is why they are happy to provide a mobile towbar fitting service, allowing them to have their towbar installed at a time and location that is convenient for them. They transport the towbar to their door and send out a professional to fit the towbar, allowing consumers to get a towbar fitted at home or business.

They have built their Web fit network of trusted fitters over the years to offer a consistent and competent towbar fitting service across the country. When installing a towbar, safety, quality, and precision is critical, so they only hire the best people for the job. They would never propose installing a towbar themselves, and it should always be done by an experienced professional. After all, if people are towing huge items, they want to be certain that they are doing so safely.

  • Professional Tow Bar Installation- Installing a tow bar is more than just picking one that matches their vehicle. There are several variables that people must consider to receive a proper fitting. Grampian Towbars will take into account the weight of their vehicle and the object they are pulling before fixing their tow bar to the highest of standards.
  • Providing a Personable Service- Grampian Towbars’ staff is both polite and professional. There are several possibilities for fitting their tow bar, and the specialists will go over each of them. How critical it is to get them back on the road as soon as possible. The repair will be completed to a high standard, and the towbar will be installed on the vehicle.
  • Tow Bars at Reasonable Prices- All of the tow bars are sourced from the best vendors. The company wants people to be delighted with their purchase and confident that the trailer or caravan will be safe during their journey.

Grampian Towbars can help you with tow bar fitting right away. They work on vehicles of all makes and sizes. The service is professional and courteous, as well as safe and secure for their specific requirements.

A step-by-step guide for properly installing a towbar:

One must be aware of some important questions while hiring a professional fitter.

  • Before they begin, double-check the fitting instructions.
  • To gain access to the electrics, remove the internal boot trim. Some vehicles require the removal of the rear bumper to accommodate a towbar.
  • Examine the new towbar and prepare it for installation.
  • Raising the car on a lift is ideal for convenient access.
  • Bolt the primary towbar brackets to the subframe’s existing bolt holes. Some of these may have been treated with sealer or sound deadener and will need to be cleaned.
  • Install the main towbar beam across the back of thee vehicle. This clamps to the fitting brackets and, in some cases, replaces a crash beam located behind the car’s bumper.
  • Fit all bolts and torque-wrench them to the proper tightness.
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