Paperwork Needed For Driving License


Cars are fun to drive and a great way of conveyance. But with great facility comes great responsibility where the need to follow traffic rules and having a driving license comes into play. Wherever you go, you need to have a license to drive motor based vehicles.

Once there was a guy in Florida driving a car illegally without carrying a valid driving license. Soon he was pulled over by traffic police officers. Officers wanted to check Florida drivers license and the same was denied by the driver. Soon he landed in jail and charged with a penalty for the crime. This brings to light the need for proper documents and licenses.

For getting a driving license there is a list of certain documents that one needs to have. It depends on country to country about what documents to be shown but all in all, there is a generalistic list that all countries follow in order to provide its citizens the license to drive. The list is as follows:-

  • Any form of ID proof.

Identity proof must have one’s full name and photograph attached to it so as to identify oneself with one’s ID proof.

  • Passport size photographs.

Photos can either be colored or black n white but, the face should be clear enough.

  • Proof of permanent residency of the country you want the driving license in. This is because in case one wants to apply for a driving license in a foreign country while he still resides in his own country, the documents required are much more.
  • Proof of date of birth/age.

This is required because in different countries the driving age limits are different. Thus, you need to be over a certain age so as to make yourself eligible for getting the driving license in that country.

  • Eye test report.

The eye test report is required in some countries where the license rules are much more stringent than the others. This is to make sure you have a clear vision so that you can see the traffic, rules, lights, etc. and avoid any kind of mishaps on the road.

After the submission of documents, there are driving tests that one needs to pass in order to get the license and this process is followed all around the world.

After getting the license, one thinks about one’s driving license when it is needed to be renewed after its expiration. At the time of renewal also, a list of documents are needed to be presented before the authorities. The list is somewhat the same as it is required at the time when a fresh license is being applied for. Along with that, the previously held original driving license is needed to be presented which will be converted to a new one. In some countries, there is a need to get a medical certificate of one’s well-being if one is over a certain age at the time of renewal.

If you want to drive, always carry your driving license with you to avoid getting into the hassle where officials have to pull you over like they had to, to check Florida driver’s license.