Motorcycle rental: how does it work?


Traveling on a motorcycle can be done with a temporary mount! Indeed, motorcycle rental is attracting more and more bikers, attracted by a formula allowing them to ride without worrying too much. Do you want to rent a two-wheeler for your next trip? Moto Magazine explains the procedure to follow.

The advantages of motorcycle rental

  • as elsewhere, motorcycle rental allows you to enjoy the advantages of a two-wheeler, without the inconvenience of storage and maintenance. This rental is mainly used for:
  • travel during holidays or weekends and find feelings that are sometimes forgotten;
  • move more easily on a daily basis, to go to work, etc.
  • A rental motorcycle is available from the scooter to the small 125 cm3, passing through the large displacements of 650 cm3.

Motorcycle rental formalities

Renting a motorcycle commits the rider to respect the same safety rules as if the motorcycle belonged to him. He must therefore necessarily present the appropriate permit and contract fines in the event of a traffic violation. To rent a motorbike, all you have to do is go to a rental property where you vacation or live. The user can decide to rent for a day, a week, a month or even a year. Make a visit to for this task.

Is included in the motorcycle rental:

  • Accessories (helmets, anti-theft devices, etc.) suitable for the chosen motorcycle
  • A vehicle in perfect condition, clean and functional
  • The papers of the vehicle in good standing
  • A fuel reserve (to be returned in the same condition)
  • Sound advice (clothing, traffic, driving reflexes, etc.)


If the motorcycle is recent, the user must verify that the revisions have been made. It is therefore perfectly entitled to refuse a vehicle whose maintenance book is not up to date.

Regarding the pilot, he must provide:

  • The original of his identity card
  • The original license adapted to the motorcycle
  • A deposit (varying between 900 € and 2,500 € depending on the model and the agency)
  • A credit card.

Depending on the type of motorcycle and the agency, the rental company may require a minimum age. It is therefore strongly recommended to inquire beforehand.

The price of motorcycle rental

Motorcycle-road rental

The prices indicated by the renter for the rental of a motorcycle are always indicated including tax, helmet (second optional), insurance and anti-theft device included. They are established on the basis of a kilometer package:

  • 150 km / day: 125 cm3
  • 200 km / day: beyond

For an entry-level, prices start at 45$ per day. A high-end motorcycle can cost up to $130 a day. Anyway, the rental price of an upgraded vehicle will necessarily be calculated on estimate.

Good to know: when the user exceeds the mileage plan, each additional kilometer is added to the bill (between € 0.40 and € 0.15 per additional kilometer). It is therefore imperative to choose the right package from the start so as not to end up with a salty invoice.

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