Make sure to get the correct tires for your SUV


When selecting tires for your SUV, you will need to go through the same selection process as for any other vehicle. You will need to determine what are your key benefits and performance you want from your tires, if you don’t know that it is quite difficult to buy new tires. From the same producers you tend to have quite many tires and they all try to answer different needs that customers want from their tires. Whatever tires you select; you will need both good summer and winter tires for your SUV.

If you need winter tires that is has a low rolling noise, low fuel consumption and good on ice, then SUV studded tires or SUV non-studded tires are two tire options to choose from. The studded tire will be a bit better, so if you know that you can still evaluate the non-studded based on the other factors. There are also SUV all-weather tires that might be an option for staying safe during the winter. However, this option is better for areas that doesn’t have long and harsh winter conditions, where you require the absolutely best performance. The all-weather tires do add a lot of convenience though you don’t have to change tires between the seasons

During the tire selection it is good to evaluate various tire tests done by various tire magazines. By combining the results from several tests, you can hopefully get rid of any biases towards any of the tire manufacturers. Once that this is done you can do further searches for tires matching your dimension, so if you need SUV winter tires with the dimension 275/55/20 you can search for 275/55/20 winter tires. With all this research you can’t really go wrong as all these tires are probable the best tires for your SUV.

When you select all-season tires, the selection process tends to be a bit easier, as there are less options to select from. This is why it is a bit more straightforward. You want to have tires that are good on wet and dry roads during the summer conditions and can help to prevent aquaplaning. They also have to ensure that they have a short braking distance when you drive on wet conditions and provide good stability when you shift lanes. 

When you purchase all-weather tires, you can use them for the whole year, it is important that you get tires that can deliver the performance and safety throughout the year. This is not easy task and puts a lot of requirements on the tires. Since they basically have to cater to two distinct seasons, with weathers ranging from sunny dry roads to icy cold conditions. If you do go for SUV all-weather tires you will need to make sure that you select ones that have the right dimensions and also if your SUV is electric or hybrid you also need to make sure that the tires are recommended for that use. Rotation of tires becomes very important when you only use one set of tires for the whole year, so make sure to check the difference in wear between the front and the rear tires.

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